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The hair brush fell out of Alexander’s hand, jeering her from her reverie. She bent fractionally to pick up the brush and sighted the sparkling bracelet which was just inside her drawer.

“I can’t do this”, she muttered. The more she thought of it, the more ridiculous it sounded. But even at that, she wasn’t stopping. “I can”.

She swallowed and ignored the sickening dread she felt. She was naked beneath the towel that she had draped around her chest after showering and she also had another matching white towel wrapped around her head, securely holding her hair. Loosening it, Alexander brought the brush to the mass of curly black and wine weave on and brushed it down. She applied some deliciously scenting oil to the hair to make it sparkle. She swallowed. She was undoubtedly about to go against all the morals she had been taught but even that thought did not slow her down. Neither did the sight of her grandmother’s bracelet stop her from going along with her absurd decision.

Alexander took out the sexy sheer red panties and wore it, followed by its matching red bra. She admired her sexy look in the mirror for some seconds but felt a twinge of inner chastisement. Discarding the feeling as quickly as it came, Alexander picked up the short black gown and slipped it over her head. It clung to her body like a second skin and she knew without a doubt that it would give her the effects she sought. The words of her mother floated through her brain causing her to slow down her dressing again. Was she really about to do this? Was she about to disregard all that her ever-loving parents and grandparents has taught her?

Alexander powdered her face with a sigh, pushing all thought as far away as possible. After one lasting look at the mirror, Alexander picked her car keys and left the house.

Alexander Branson drove at a steady pace thinking of how the evening would turn out. Either way it went, one thing was certain – she would not be the same again after tonight. Her phone rang and she glanced at it. “Mum” she murmured when she saw the caller. Her mum always happened to call when Alexander was about doing something wrong. Alexander wondered it she should term it a mother’s instinct because it had become too consistent that it could not be rated as a coincidence. She glanced at the phone again. No! She left the phone to ring as she focused on the road with strained determination. She couldn’t let him go. Never! She loved him too much to let him go.

The gateman opened the massive gate to Michael Coker’s house at the blast of her horn and she drove in. Just as she killed the engine, she raised her eyes and saw Michael emerging from the corner of the house. His left brow lifted in surprise when he saw her but his facial expression did not waver. Alexa’s heartbeat quickened and the thought of what she came to do made her heart race uncontrollably. One would expect that after one solid year of being with Michael, his presence would have less effect on her, but no; instead, she found him more unnerving by the day.

“Alexa” He called, walking confidently towards her. Immediately she was out of the car, Michael’s eyes widened a bit and they took a quick travel down her body and back, to settle once more on her face. Michael swallowed. “Come in, it is cold out here”.

They walked in silence into the massive house and the only person who seemed uncomfortable was Alexander. Michael did not touch her or say a word more. Once they were inside, Michael gazed directly at her, making her squirm. “You have been ignoring my calls Alexa”

“I needed to think things through” Alexa responded with a stubborn raise of her chin.

Michael released an exasperated sigh. “What you saw was nothing Alexa. There is nothing between my secretary and I. I can never have anything to do with my staff except business”. He stated firmly.

Alexander raised her hand to silence him. “You don’t need to explain”

Michael looked disturbed. “I think I do”.

Alexander swallowed and stepped forward, erasing all thought from Michael’s head. Her blue eyes sparkled as they gazed at Michael like he was the ruler of the universe.

“I am here to do what I should have done a long time ago”. She started and Michel frowned.

“What do you mean?” She surely was not about to do what he was thinking, or was she?

“I want you to make love to me Michael. I want to offer you the only priceless gift I have”

Michael’s eyes widened in shock and confusion. He moved backwards, putting some distance between himself and his girlfriend. “You are blowing this way out of proportion Alexander. We don’t have to do this to prove anything”. He swallowed.

“This isn’t about that. I want to do this. I want to give you this. Please don’t deny me”. She took a deep breath and before Michael could blink, bent down and pulled the gown over her head. Alexa heard Michael’s gasp as she fought for control. Stripping in front of Michael was more difficult than she has imagined. Michael stood stoned and motionless. “Make love to me Michael”.

A thousand decades seemed to pass as silence reigned in the sitting room but when Michael finally took some steps towards Alexa, he knew without a doubt that he would one day regret this action.