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‘Who gave you the right to barge into my bedroom without knocking?’ dad asked as he marched into the sitting room.

I stood up and faced him. ‘I knew you never loved my mum, you made it so evident, but bringing someone else to her bed barely two weeks after her death…’ I laughed bitterly, ‘ you definitely deserve a trophy. I hate you and everyone whose gender starts with ‘M’. I HATE YOU’.

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Happily ever after is what we dream of after wedding, what do we do when things don’t really turn out as expected? Richard and Belina, deeply in love finds out that life as a married couple is not as easy as they thought.

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Andy and Jessica find themselves tied to the vows of forever, but only the two of them know that the forever is only for a year! Some wrong steps we take do lead to a haven of love and happiness. Would Jessica and Andy Williams get past their differences to find solace in love?

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Determined to keep her fiancé to herself until the wedding at all costs, Tinuke only succeeds in pushing him away. Seeing Raymond arrive with an unconscious girl, Tinuke would do anything she can to get her out of the picture; anything… 

It is more than a love triangle; it’s a love tangle. 

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37 thoughts on “FREE EBOOK SHOP”

  1. Thukani said:

    I have read all the books in a just a week, wishing to have nothing less than the women got in terms of love. They are really good Nissi, thank you for taking your time to give us something to fantasize about at the age.

  2. your stories are inspirational.

  3. ojerinde samuel said:

    Thanks a lot I really love this.

  4. Opoola Joshua T'Oluwanimi said:

    Pls what Endless tears and it sequel…pls work on the eBook too

  5. Kudos to you my sis. God bless you for this generation and the generations to come. Amen. I enjoyed all the novels. Wish more to come in PDF.

  6. Please, how can I download the ebook of the last smile

  7. I promised myself to let Fictional works just be but a friend posted an episode of MaimedSoul to a group on Whatsapp and I demanded for the whole story via inbox but after episode 32 and she couldn’t send any other, I requested for the writer, thinking it would be just someone amongst us!
    I encountered your wall and downloaded Belinda, Life after the Wedding and Married and read all in one day! From 1am tell past 11pm

    Thank you for these write-ups
    They are superb
    You are unique
    Your mind is intriguing
    More grease to thy elbow

    You will forever have the Pen of a ready writer
    Thank You InSpy

    Would love to download more of your e-books, please I would keep in touch

  8. I luv ur articles Inspy… Dey’re rili great n tot provoking

  9. Nissi mi…you’re doing a great job here,everyone that got to read your book through me loved It! Keep doing great darling!

  10. Ur books are so captivating, i read d married series, belina as well as life after the wedding. Dey r so so great. I luv writing stories too n hope to own a blog as well. Tnks

  11. Wow.. I actually cried this is the best inspiration ever thank you nissi

  12. I had gone through all the stories i have seen here and yet am searching for more. If there are ones i missed out, please can u direct me to the link so i can read through them all. I stumbled on your wall through google while i was searching out for something. I must tell you, your writing are inspiring, it makes you stay glued to the last page. Thumbs up, Inspy. I dont know if you have a link so i can follow through facebook. I read all the stories in direct fiction books in the space of a week, so my dear, i nid more. Am a voracious reader.

    • Awwwwwww… I am floored and humbled by your comment. Thanks so much for reading through, I am glad you love them. More stories by me are still to come, please subscribe to the free Inspy’s World newsletter to get mail updates. Also like and follow ‘Nissi Adeola’ on Facebook for instant updates. You can also read the ongoing stories on the blog by other writers, pending the release of my new series.
      Welcome to Inspy’s World Nkem. 😘😘

  13. priscilla said:

    I read married nt less than 24 hours u are a great writer.

  14. Am one of your biggest fan. Have read most of your stories and it has been nothing but Awesome. You are going places Sis. More ink to your pen and more inspiration. Please, can we get Endless Tears and Rebound on e-book too, have read them tho but I still wanna go over them again. And have it in mind that you are going places.. More Grace Sis. #flying kiss

    • Amen! I’m humbled, thank you so much; I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. E-books of the stories you mentioned and others would be released as soon as work is completed on them. Please subscribe and follow Inspy’s World to be constantly updated on developments. Thanks. Hugs and kisses to you too 😘

  15. Have read most of your stories and it has been nothing but Awesome. You are going places Sis. More ink to your pen and more inspiration. Please, can we get Endless Tears and Rebound on e-book too, have read them tho but I still wanna go over them again. And have it in mind that you are going places.. More Grace Sis. #flying kiss

  16. Folorunso Funmilayo Mujidat said:

    I love all the books .Your books are inspirational.I wish am young again ,to fall in love all over again.God bless you .

  17. Mrs Efosa Christiana said:

    More GRACE to your elbow sis, I pray for more wisdom nd understanding for you to do exploits. I really enjoyed the book on ENDLESS TEARS, and I’m going to read more of the books from Inspy’s world. Thanks

    • Amen. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed Endless Tears. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the other stories. I’m ordering popcorn and drinks for you. 😉💕💕

  18. wow is all I could say when I read these great fact u r 1 in a u to d moon ma’am.. keep the good works going..

  19. Your books are wow! I just read Married and I really enjoyed it. You are a blessing to this generation

  20. I read Endless tears…it was more than just awesome…it makes you want to read more and more…you’re very talented

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