If you missed any of our previous fiction series or want to go over them again, you can access them quite easily. Please click on your desired series to be redirected to the first episode.

For ‘Belina (Tender Beauty)‘, please click here

For ‘Life after the Wedding‘, please click here

For ‘The Last Smile‘, please click here

For ‘Married‘, please click here

For ‘Shattered Dreams‘ please click here

For ‘Endless Tears‘, please click here

For ‘REBOUND (Endless Tears 2)‘, please click here

For ‘Maimed Soul‘, please click here

Thanks. Happy reading… 😘


11 thoughts on “DIRECT FICTION LINKS”

  1. Kafui Danku Diaba said:

    Hello, I ve just been introduced to your stories and I ve registered as one of your followers. I want to know where I can get older stories to read. I tried but I got only the final episodes or the last three. please help me. thanks.

    • Sorry about that Kafui, you would need to check for ‘older posts’ when you click the links and scroll down, in order to start from the first episode. It might be a bit tedious, sorry about that. If you still have problems with this, you might tell me which series you want to read so I can send you the direct link to the first episode. Welcome to Inspy’s World Kafui. Cheerrrsss

  2. Omolara said:

    Hi,I really love and appreciate your stores.pls is rebound a continuation of endless tears and how can I get the first episode?av tried to search for it but its not coming up.will appreciate if u can give me the direct link to it.thanks.

  3. Hi, it’s a great job you’re doing, may God bless you. Please are “shattered dreams” & “the last smile” part of the Belinda series?…. And I’d like to get links to the first episode of each. Thanks

  4. I must confess by saying the story(fiction) are really really captivating! Its a wonderful work your doing dear! Keep up the good work and God will surely enrich you with more wisdom! My leisure time these past few days has been with inspyworld!

  5. Nissi k really loved all your 8 stories is very great I need more of that to read

  6. Please I have been trying to access Mark of cain episode twelve and I cant find it….. I need to read it finish, how do I go about it? Please urgent reply. Twelve down wards, please help a sister.

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