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Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, beautiful and handsome; The Last Smile is out and up for free downloads!!! 💃💃💃

Posting it online was a wonderful experience as I totally loved your comments and feedbacks. Now, you can have Lucy, Raymond, Teju, Deolu, Fred and others on your phone, on your tablet, PC; to read again and again at your convenience. If you didn’t read the sizzling romance series online, this is your chance to read it all at a go. 

Please share the link with friends on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and various social media pages. You can download the photo attached to this post for Instagram, using the hashtag #TLS by @nissiadeola is out. Thanks in advance 😊

I love getting your feedbacks. I’m @nissiadeola on TwitterInstagramBBMFacebook and LinkedIn; I would delighted to hear from you. If you experience any difficulty with the e-book, please send a mail to nissiadeola@gmail.com. Thanks

Click here to download ‘The Last Smile’