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Hello everyone, I believe you had a great week. It’s been a while here, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to provide last week’s lesson, I was very busy. Apologies accepted?  I guess yes. 


This lesson we’ll be going through off shoulder maxi gown. Offshoulder maxi gown could be long or mini, short sleeved or long sleeves. It’s one of the trendy outfits.

Sample measurement: Length-38, bust-36, waist-28,hip-40, sleeve-22

1. The front and back cut are the same, therefore, fold your material in 4 using 38″ by 12.5″. The length for the cutting is 38″ because 4″ is subtracted fromthe length as its Offshoulder, that gives 34″ plus folding allowances which is 4″. If you want to use wide elastic add 4″ to the length. For tiny elastic add 3″.

2. Cut the armhole. See diagram

3. Cut out the sleeve, using 26″ by 10″. 4″ is added to the length for the folding allowances and it is 10″ wide because it has to look puffy. The sleeve could be short and or flared as you want it. See diagram for the shape of Offshoulder sleeve. 


1. Join the side 1″ on each sides

2. Join the sleeve and fix the elastic round the edge

3. Join the sleeve to the body

4. Fix the elastic round the top 

5. Fold 2″ at the edge. 

 You can now slay your Offshoulder maxi mini gown. 
I’m yet to see pictures of your practical stuff, still expecting them. Practice is key in fashion designing. I hope you enjoyed the lesson and have learnt something. Catch ya next lesson. Remain blessed. 

N.B: Share pictures of your practice on Instagram. Tag Nissi Adeola and Oloriajokeoutfits for acknowledgement and reposts. Thanks