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She groans
Gasps and whimpers
Screams on top of her lungs and cries
As pain tears at her body

Yet, she doesn’t stop
Her heart beats for the other
The one who through her draws its breath
The one who through her must come to existence

She perseveres
Tears roll down her cheeks
As she gathers the tiny remains of her strength
To give one last push…

Then, it’s over
Her back slumps against the moistened mattress in total exhaustion
As she hears it
The cry that gives meaning to her pains

Her racing heart dances with love
As she stretches forth weak hands to receive her gift
She holds her crying baby girl in her arms
Another beautiful woman in the making…

Yes, women make the world go round
Her heart of love, so divinely pure
Imagine a world without women
Surely, a world devoid of happiness it would be

Happy International women’s day to women home and abroad
You are beautiful just the way you are!