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​Good morning pals, trust your week was splendid. I hope you have been practicing so you can be perfect. 

We are moving to making a bubu gown, some call it agbada, whichever. It’s a feminine wear. It could be short or long. It could be fitted if the material is stretchy. It could be designed with embroidery, stones, pearls, beads, etc.

Sample measurements: length-40, shoulder-16, sleeve-20, bust-36 waist- 28, hip-40

Pick up your material! 


1. For the length, measure (40+1)*2=82″ where 1″ is the folding or weaving allowance. The length is double because it’s front and back together, there won’t be joining at the shoulders. 

2. The sleeve will be used for the wideness which is (20+1)*2=42″. So we have 82″by42″ which is the front and back together. See A 👇

3. Fold lengthwise into 2, such that you have 82″by21″. Fold again, the length into 2 to have 41″by21″. Place on your cutting table to cut the neck. See B and C 👇

4. The neck could be shaped as desired. For a small round neck, you can use 6″by3.5″. See C 👇

That’s all with the cutting 


1. Turn the neck edge with cotton bias or facing

2. Fold  or weave the edges

3. Join from the right face of the material starting from 10″ from the shoulder.  The bust is measured at 11″ from the shoulder, the waist is measured at 16″ from the shoulder and the hip is measured at 9″ from the waistline. Join dividing each measurement by 2 and add 0.5″ or 1″ for easy wearing except for stretchy materials. See D above. 👆

4. You can embellish it to make it more beautiful. 

You bubu is ready. It’s as simple as that. 

Remember there is no magic in sewing, practice makes perfection. Send your questions via the comments’ box. Catch ya next lesson.