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​I walked out of the safe shelter of my abode
Into the torrent of rain pouring just outside
Rain strokes hit my body like piercing arrows
Disguising the tears cascading down my cheeks
I raised my eyes to the dark clouds above
Which portrayed the stormy state of my shattered soul
If only I could turn back the hands of time
I’d have held on to your hand as you breathed your last

I’d have joined my feeble strength with yours
As you fought your very last battle
Hugging you so tight
So my scent would accompany you to the unknown land
But I couldn’t
Couldn’t watch as death snatched you from me
Couldn’t watch as you fell, defeated by death
Couldn’t watch you embark on an endless journey without me…

I hated you
Hated you for leaving me
Hated you for accepting defeat
Hated death more for defeating you

Now, I stand
All alone in the rain
As memories of you flood my heart and mind
Wishing you were here with me
Wishing you didn’t have to say goodbye forever
But beyond the wishes
I carry you in my heart
Knowing that you live on through me
I’ll get all the happiness I can get
Knowing that your happiness is in my happiness
So, when death claims me
In a battle that I cannot win
We’ll again say hello forever
Together again to be separated no more
For that way, we would have defeated death… forever!
Till then,
Remain in my heart
My love.

Photo Credits: Google

Dedicated to everyone who has lost someone dear to heart