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Good morning peeps, I believe you had a great week. Last week we treated pencil skirt, I hope you practised it, if you have them, you can post pics of your practical in the comment box. 

Now, so as not to be gender biased, we would be treating male buba this week. It could be fitted or unfitted depending on how you want it, it’s still the same process; long or short sleeved but my sample sleeve measurement is long. Now let’s go straight to work. You need the following measurements :length, shoulder, chest, waist, hip, sleeve. 

Please get your measurements, below is the sample measurements for this lesson.

Please get your measurements, but for this lesson, we would use this sample measurement (interpolate in your measurements): please note that (II) used in this lesson means inches.

L – 32, Sh – 19, Ch – 40, W – 36, H – 36 (same measurement would be used for waist and hip)

Now, Cutting

Using the above measurement,

  1. To cut out the width of the buba, add 4II (seam allowance) to the chest measurement. i.e 40+4=44II out of your material. Then, divide into two. Therefore we have 22II each.
  2. For the front cut, pick one of the 22II piece and fold into two, measure the length using the exact length of the buba i.e 32II so the front cut will be 11II by 32II. (see fig A)
  3. For back cut, pick the other 22II piece to measure the length. Add 31/2 (edge folding + shoulder joining allowance) to the length i.e 32II + 31/2 = 351/2. Back cut = 11II by 351/2. (see fig B)
  4. Place the front cut on the back cut such that the 31/2II allowance is left at the top. Fold the back to fit the front cut.
  5. Slant the shoulders by 11/2II on both. (See C). Then measure the shoulder using shoulder measurement divided by 2 plus 1/2II i.e (19II/2) + ½ = 10II. Mark out the 10II
  6. Neck measurement. Front – 3II by 2II. Back – 11/2 by 23/4. Fold the shoulder to fit again to check if the neck is equal at the shoulder. Cut the front about 5  inches low for the front flap. (See C)
  7. Shape the sides with the body measurement.
  8. Cut the front and back facing
  9. Cut the sleeve using 10II for width and for length add 4II to the length (24 + 4 = 28II). Sleave = 28II by 10II)
  10. Front pocket = 51/2 by 51/2
  11. Side pocket = 11II by 81/2II 

(See D)


  1. Fix the front and back facings
  2. Fix the front flap
  3. Join the shoulders
  4. Fix the front pocket
  5. Join the sleeve
  6. Join the sides, fix each side pockets after each side joining, leaving about 6II slit at the sides
  7. Fix bottons at flap.

There, your buba is ready.

Thanks for following through. Next week, we would treat trousers. Till then, please practice. Leave your comments and questions in the comments’ section and i would give answers. See you all next week. Cheers.