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So, finally, it commences. *I’m out*

Good morning dearies,

It’s finally the D-day, I’m Ajoke Fashanu, an economist and a fashion designer, owner of OloriAjoke Outfits. I’ve been longing to meet with you all. I’m so glad for this opportunity given to me to impact knowledge, thanks to Inspy’s World. 

Fashion is simple

Fashion is interesting 

What you need to excel in it is interest and then creativity and then practice. I implore us to practice the lessons for better understanding, correction and perfection. I’ll try to make it as explanatory as possible since it’s a DIY✂ session. I learned that the previous teacher has taken us through the basic sewing tools and equipment and I believe she has done a great job on that and so for this lesson we will be going through how to make simple pencil skirt. 

The measurements needed to make a pencil skirt are: length, waist and hip. Picture 1 above 👆 shows the parts of the body to be measured. The length is from the waist down to your desired length. So, please measure these body parts and write them down. For this lesson, let’s take this for example, Length(L)-23, Waist(W)-30,Hip(H)-40.

Get your material!


1. Divide the waist and hip measurements into 4 i.e for the waist, 30/4=7.5″.for the hip, 40/4=10″.you can write this down or put it in your head. 

2. For the front cut, fold your material into two using the divided hip measurement as it’s the wider measurement and add 2″ sewing allowance. Therefore, the width of the front cut will be 10+2=12″.remember L-23 so front cut gives 23″by12″. (Please note that sewing allowance is the space between the edge of material and stitching line) See picture 2.1 below

3. For the back cut, fold your material into 2 using the following measurements: divided hip measurement plus sewing allowance plus zip and slit allowance.  So we have 10+2+4=16″ therefore back cut will be 23″by16″. See picture 2.2

Note: for a pencil skirt without slit and zipper, the front and back cut are the same. 

4. Place the front cut on the back cut for shaping leaving out the zip and slit allowance which is 4″ as in picture 2.3. The waist line is the upper part of the cut. Measure 9″ from the waist line to get the hip line, mark the point. See picture 2.3. At the waist and hip line measure the waist and hip respectively adding 2″ sewing allowance to each. That is, for waist, at the waist line measure the divided waist measurement 7.5″ +2″=9.5″, mark it. For hip, at the hip line measure, 10″+2″=12″.shape the down part of your cut using total hip minus 1″ (12″-1″=11″). Join the 3 points together. See picture 2.4

N.B: all measurements should be done from the front cut. 

5. For the back cut, measure 15″ from the top, mark it. Then, cut out 2″ from the top to the marked point to get the slit. Divide the slit into 2. See picture 2.5 above.

When you open your cuts, they should look like pictures 2.6 and 2.7


1. If needed, turn the cuts with your lining. 

2. Fix the darts. 

3. Fix the zipper and the slit for the back cut.

4. Join the front and back pieces together using the waist and hip measurements divided by 2. Don’t forget your waistline and hip line.

5. To give that pencil shape, at 15″ from top, measure hip minus 3″ or 4″ depending on how pencil you want it to look bit remember easy movement (I.e 40/2=20, 20-4=16″).

Your skirt is ready.

Don’t forget practice is key. 
Next week, we’ll be learning how to make a blouse, don’t miss it. Leave your comments and questions in the comment box. Have a lovely weekend.