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Hello guys, it is another month in 2017! Is it just me or are the days truly faster than normal? Lol… But hey, I have missed you so much! 

I know you must be wondering, ‘why aren’t we having the anticipated Saturday fashion classes anymore?’ I am really sorry guys… I know I have been unduly quiet about it, I apologize. The trainer, coupled with the lack of encouraging comments, seems to be too preoccupied with personal things. But, because I have already kickstarted things and don’t like unfulfilled promises, I have been on the lookout for someone else. Guess what! The search is over; the training would recommence next Saturday!!!

Guess who our trainer would be?? She is none other than the founder of OloriAjoke Outfits! Below are some of her works…

I’m sure you are excited! She also knows how to make male wears, so she surely is good at what she does. Our trainer would do her best to make the training as extensive and as explanatory as possible, so please encourage the time and efforts of the trainer by dropping your comments on every post so she would know that we are following. The training is totally free! All we need to do is participate, drop your encouraging comments/questions in the comments’ section and share with friends so we have more participants. Trust me, someone out there is hoping you would tell him/her this! 

So, see you on Saturday! 10am 11th February, 2017. And yes, we would make sure we stick to that time.

N.B: My pen is not on leave! Another blockbuster by yours faithfully (me) would be arriving soon, so, wait for it… Smiles… (Strolls out with a mischievous smile)😁