​So, 2016 met me the same way every other year had – dancing and praying in the church; and with a grateful heart and a hopeful mind, I shouted happy new year in the presence of God and man. Happily, I walked home, with my mind on the targets I laid out for the year. I watched fireworks beautify the sky, heard the exciting bangs of ‘banga’ and saw people walking around as though it was completely normal to be moving about in the middle of the night. But then, who wants to be seen sleeping into another year??? I called friends, ‘almost friends’, mere acquaintances and even frienemies, wishing them a happy new year, and so, 2016 was set in motion.
I released two e-books (Life after the Wedding and Married), and yes,  the downloads have had my mouth gaping many times… This year, I continued Endless Tears in Rebound, with the amazing Amara Peters turning from a cry baby to a strong independent woman, and yes, who wouldn’t fall in love with Kelvin? He is definitely  my imaginary crush and yeah, Max, that guy that is just too handsome, he could win you over with one glance – the exact way he won Tina over…
I just love Rebound, and I was and still am delighted that you loved it even more. 
Then, Maimed Soul came along! Smiles… Just thinking that I wrote that series when I was experiencing the legendary writer’s block still has me wowed till today. Writing was harder than normal, thinking a plot through was a struggle; I never thought it was possible for me to stare at a blank paper and be completely clueless… sighs… But, unbelievably, one episode after another, I found myself writing, and yes, for the first time, I had a male Hero – Jack Andrews. I just love my maimed man! He’s got to be the most attractive bad man there is! You just can’t but love him! And there is the beautiful Larrypop who is almost as maimed as Jack himself. Who can forget those crazy friends of hers? Bola and Terry… Then we have the bad man himself – Almighty Governor Tunji…
All the characters touched me more than I can ever express, even Sewa, who gave the story a sad twist by killing herself 😢
2016 has been a really romantic year. And when I thought the year has ended, God gave me some end of the year gifts… Wanna get the gist?  You’ll know in due time *grinsss*
I face 2017 with even more optimism, and yes, I hope… really hope you’ll be with me through 2017 and also have your friends with me. This year would never been so awesome without you. Thank you for being with me through it all, for your comments, likes, shares, messages, tweets, e-book downloads, and all… I just love you all. My fans on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and all… May you all have a gracious and fulfilling 2017.
Love you loads! Kisses 😘 😘😘😘😘