“So what did you do when you saw her standing at the door?”, Linda interrupted while sitting at the edge of her seat holding Maxwell’s right hand very tightly as if she was watching a horror movie. Maxwell looked at her as if he was upset for being interrupted and asked, “What do you think I did?”. “Tell me Max, tell me!”, Linda said with mixed feelings and a pinch of suspense due to Maxwell’s escapades. “So what I did was…”

Maxwell went back into the room and searched his wardrobe. He found some money and quickly handed it over to Alberta. Alberta looked at the money and shouted, “Is this the same amount you took from my room?”. Maxwell who was by now surprised and shocked altogether said, “The amount I have given you is more than what I took”. “I haven’t asked you to give me your money”, Alberta cut in. “All I want and all I came all this way for is to take the money you took from my room”, Alberta added. So to avoid creating a scene, Maxwell wore his clothes and went downstairs to ask for change so that he could give Alberta the exact amount. It took Maxwell a while but finally, he had several denominations at his luxury. He hurriedly rushed back to his room to give Alberta her money and send her on her way. When he entered the room, Alberta was not there. He quickly rushed to the balcony to see if she was there but Alberta was not on the balcony. He then saw Alberta running toward the taxi station with something that looked like a laptop. Maxwell quickly dashed back into the room to see if his laptop was where he left it before going to bed. To his horror rather than amazement, his laptop was gone. It was then that it dawned on him that Alberta had taken his laptop. Maxwell dashed downstairs with all the sped and energy left in him to stop Alberta but his efforts were a little too late because when he got to the landing of the ground floor, Alberta had already ordered the driver to speed off and she carried Maxwell’s laptop with her. Maxwell could not believe what was happening…

“Did you get the laptop back”?, Linda interrupted again, this time sitting very close to Maxwell on his bed looking intently into his eyes. She could not believe that one person could go through all of the things Maxwell recounted and still live to recount it. She could not tell whether her opinion about his choices in life could make her see him like she did the first time they met. “Linda, there is more so please stop interrupting”, Maxwell said politely. 

“So…..”, Maxwell continued…..
Maxwell rushed back into his room, picked his phone and called Alberta, “Alberta, I beg you with the mercies of God, please come back with the laptop”, Maxwell pleaded. “I have all my research information on it and my dissertation is also on it”, Maxwell added. “We would see how you are going to finish school”, Alberta said. Maxwell’s heart missed several beats because he knew what Alberta was capable of. “I am going to sell your laptop, take my portion of the money and send the rest to back to you”, Alberta said. “Alberta please don’t do this”, Maxwell pleaded.please click here to continue.

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