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Maxwell hugged Alberta so tightly that he started reminiscing on the past emotions they had for each other. “Max, please don’t let go of me”. “I cannot live without you”, Alberta pleaded as she basked in the warm and firm embrace of her one time lover. “Alberta, you have to stop doing this to yourself”, Maxwell said as he broke up the embrace and put his hands on Alberta’s shoulder so as to have a better look at her. Alberta looked very pale and Maxwell felt that he was partly responsible for her current state. “Have you been eating at all?”, Maxwell asked, weighing Alberta’s arm in his palm. “I cannot eat well”, Alberta responded. “You are always on my mind and the thought of you doing all the things we used to do together with someone else makes me sick and the subject of food is the last thing that comes to mind when such thoughts fill my mind”, Alberta said, looking intently at Maxwell as if she wanted to be shown pity. “Albie, I thought we were way past these things and feelings”, Maxwell started. “I cannot do this anymore with you”. “I think you should leave now”, Maxwell added and looked at Alberta one more time before he started walking away. Alberta ran after Maxwell and held onto his shirt, “Maxwell, do you have a conscience at all?”, Alberta asked. “Have you forgotten so soon that this womb of mine once carried your seed?”, Alberta asked, touching her tummy. “I am well aware of that fact and truth be told, it is an episode that I am not proud of, so stop talking about it”, Maxwell said and continued walking on towards the entrance of his hostel. “Maxwell hold on”, Alberta pleaded while she tried to catch up with Maxwell. “Alberta”, Maxwell stopped and started to speak. “The last thing I want is for us to create a scene here”, Maxwell said, looking closely at Alberta. to continue, click HERE