“What is that supposed to mean”?, Maxwell asked Alberta, looking into her eyes for an explanation. “You can take it to mean whatever you want but I know what I would do and I am sure you are going to hear all about it sooner rather than later”, Alberta responded looking at Maxwell with tears in her eyes. Alberta went into the room and was followed by Maxwell. She sat on the couch and like a robot, Maxwell did the same. “Continue eating your food”, Alberta ordered. Maxwell, who was now confused and scared at the same time looked into Alberta’s eyes as if he did not hear what she said the first time. “What did you say?”, Maxwell asked Alberta. “I said finish your food because I want to clear the table”, Alberta said. “If there is nothing going on between you and my friend, then you have nothing to worry about”, Alberta added. “I would do my best to find out how all of this started and we would set the records straight”, Alberta continued as Maxwell resumed eating. When Maxwell heard what Alberta said, he dropped the spoon and sat upright in the couch. “Why are you doing all this?”, Maxwell enquired. “What do you aim to achieve if you eventually find out?”, Maxwell added. “My dear Maxwell, that is none of your business and you shouldn’t worry your head over it”, Alberta responded. “There is nothing going on between your friend and I so just leave this matter to rest”, Maxwell explained. “Oh, Maxwell, I believe you and I know you would not do anything to hurt me”, Alberta said. Maxwell struggled to finish eating his food before Alberta cleared the table. She went out to take her bath and she came back smelling very nice. “It is getting late, so take your bath and spend the night here with me”, Alberta suggested. “I don’t think that is so much of a good idea”, Maxwell responded. “Moreover, the clock just turned only 5 P.M so I believe there would be more than enough time for me to get back to my campus before it really gets late”, Maxwell said. “My stuff are also dry except the ones you just washed so I can take all of them with me and dry out just the few wet ones”, Maxwell continued. As Maxwell spoke, his phone rang. He checked the number calling and it was Nancy’s. Alberta snatched the phone from Maxwell with force and also saw the name that just appeared on Maxwell’s phone and allowed the phone to ring till it timed out. “So why is she calling you?”, Alberta asked rhetorically. Just go outside, turn left, go down that hallway and you would see the bathroom. …please click this link to continue.