​A blessed sat and a big thank you to everyone. Am very sorry for sending the post late. The network has been very bad around here. Am sorry. 
To our topic of today – baby girl gown (a year old specifically). So, for this, we would need our tape rule, sewing machine, threads (particularly the one that matches our material), the desired material we want to use, a pressing iron and our very own ‘self’… Lol.
Firstly we shall be talking on how to take measurement but pls take note that we don’t take babies measurement cause they have fixed measurement and can’t be measured cause of how little they are. But, no worries… Here’s what I use as babies measurement no matter the size: What we want to sew is a long gown for a baby girl, so please take note of the measurements below:






half length-9/­11

round sleeve-7


neck-11/2 by 3 for front side and back side,11/2 by 1
Steps to take when we want to cut a baby gown/cloth.
1.Get your fabric, at least a yard I.e 36 inches
2.fold into two equal part I.e after folding, the part having the prints together

note: Ankara wideness is 46 inches, guinea/lace wideness depending on the quality of the cloth but mostly it is 50inches
3.where we have the length we measure the half length adding at least 1inch to the length for the shoulder and half length joining
4.so,as our half length is 9/10 after adding an inch or two it gives us 11/12inches.Then,we look for the biggest measurement of the body I.e.bust/waist/hips and divide the measurement into four equal part I.e.23 divided by 4 or round it up to 24 ,that gives you 6inches, then add 11/2 or 2 inches for the joining allowance.
We would get around the actual cutting and sewing next week, my sincere apologies for the short posts. See you on Saturday!