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Machine needle is used on sewing machine and are of different sizes depending on the fabric materials. Hand needles come in three sizes: small,medium and large. Small needles are used on light and soft materials while big needles are for rough,thick and heavy materials. Needles are used for basting, sewing buttons and mending torn clothes.

Pins are meant to keep fabric in place when cutting or sewing. It helps save time in basting.

Threads are used for sewing. Threads most used are cotton or polyester

Thimble is made of either plastic or metallic material. It is used to protect the finger from being pricked by the needle when sewing. 

You can use any ruler you like. They are useful to take straight measurement.
10.Tailors chalk

Tailors chalk is a marking tool used on fabric

Iron is an appliance used to remove wrinkles or press fabric.
12.Seam ripper/tweezers

Seam ripper is used to cut seams,both wrong seams(think when you sew together wrong sides instead right sides facing)
13.Erasable pen

Erasable pen are used to transfer pattern notches onto light coloured fabrics.
14.Pin cushion/magnets

Pin cushion is a cotton stuffed cloth cut and sewn in many different shapes to keep the pins in place while a magnet is also used to keep pins/needles in place.
15.Sewing box

Sewing box serves as an utility box used in keeping tools like pins,thread,thimbles and others
16.Ironing board

Ironing board is a portable table with a heat resistance surface.
17.Sewing machine

Sewing machine is a machine used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread.
18.Cutting board

Cutting board is a flat board placed on a table where the fabric is laid out and cut.
19.Yardstick/ meterstick

Yardstick is used to measure fabric and to check grain line.
20.Hip curve

Hip curve is used in connecting or shaping slight curve points.

L-square is useful in constructing perpendicular lines with divisional parts located in longer and shorter arms.
22.Safety pin

Safety pin is used for inserting elastic/ropes into fabric. And so on.
On Saturday, we would be focusing on baby gowns and how to take measurements. Stay tuned.

Today is my birthday and that’s why i am using this post as a gift to everyone. See you all on Saturday. God bless us all. Thank you. Love you all.