A happy exciting beautiful new month to you!!! That’s a lot of adjectives right? Yeah… well, I am super excited and super optimistic that this month would be loaded with truckloads of goodies for us as we draw closer to the end of the year. Before I continue with the juicy info at hand, I would first like to apologize to my friends on BBM for the lapse in updates. My BBM is in ‘recession’, with time, things would fall back into place, please bear with me. 
Alright, so, we are beginning this month on a very good note. If anyone has missed the Tuesdays and Fridays fiction vibe more than you, it’ll have to be me, so therefore, another blog series is coming up and would commence on Friday, 4th November, 2016. But no… this series is not by me. We are bringing a fiction story written by the one and only writer and blogger – Edwin Oko Lamptey. It promises to be thrilling, imaginative and captivating. So, let’s get our mugs of coffee and packs of popcorns ready, we are going for a ride! 
If you are new to Inspy’s World, I specially welcome you to the family. Fiction series are posted here on Tuesdays and Fridays, and as always, all we ask in return are your continuous shares, tweets, broadcasts, and of course, your comments. The EBook – The Last Smile would be landing soon and hopefully, you might be in for a mind-blowing surprise eBook too **sealed lips**
Also, if you have personally written stories that you would love to have on Inspy’s World, please send a mail to nissiadeola@gmail.com with the subject – Thoughts are Real. It is absolutely FREE.
Once again, a new series commences on Friday 12pm, don’t miss it!!! Have a great month ahead! Kisses…