Hi guys, how are you doing this beautiful Saturday? So, yes, there is another important info I need to pass across, but first things first…

It has been established! The sewing classes would commence 10am this Saturday and the classes would be held every Saturday, once a week; fair right? Please inform friends and neighbours and always comment and share to encourage the Tutor. As for the predictions ongoing, I am happy to tell you that only three people guessed right! Can you believe that? We don’t have so many seers, do we? One person, here on the blog and two others who decided to whisper their answers through BBM. *grins* Do you remember that thrilling story where Ray picked up an unconscious girl by the side of the road? Yes, that’s it!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘The Last Smile’ is coming up!!! Yaay!!! Yes, The Last Smile would be released for downloads in a fuller and better package. If you haven’t read the thrilling series, here is a grand opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest, and if you have, you surely would want to read it again because the series is being reparkaged for even more enjoyment.The specific date would be passed across soonest, so get ready to download, share with friends and even foes.

That said… Let’s get down to the news at hand!!!


Are you an upcoming writer?
Do you have personally written short or serial stories that you would like to showcase to a larger audience?
Would you like to have your story(s) published on Inspy’s World?

If so, send a mail to nissiadeola@gmail.com with the subject – Thoughts are Real. 


You could be the next globally renowned writer! Your thoughts are real; explore!!!