Patches of dried tears streak down my cheeks
Stitches of imaginary thread remain visible in my heart
Dark circle bags of sleepless nights are clearly displayed under my eyes
The pain of your betrayal still burns deep in my soul
Having come full circle to the crux of the truth
I have come to admit that I was wrong

I was wrong to have let you in
I was wrong to have left my heart so vulnerable and unguarded
So wrong to have opened my heart so completely
Wrong to have closed my eyes to the spears and daggers you bear
Wrong to have waited for the love you couldn’t give
Wrong to live in a dream that couldn’t be real
But now…
Now, I have my doubts all eliminated
I have my thoughts all straightened
I have my heart more guarded
I have the truth firmly placed
And I know where I missed it
Cause I was wrong!
Too wrong to love you…
Too wrong to have loved you so deeply

#InspysPen @nissi_adeola
10 days to go…