Finally, it is here!
You can finally have MARRIED in your pockets, following you wherever you go… It was a wonderful ride with you when the series was on going, so before downloading, let’s see some of the interesting comments that came along, shall we???


Ahhh if anifin shld happen to her, I ll crush dis pho*ne against d floor ni. ahh wait o, can I do dat sha!!?
but I love dis jess, hoops did I jst mentioned smfin lik love!!? LAYELAYE
Thumbs up Nissi, u garit. *smile* – JASon-SHEVYtom

Ewwwwooooh! Nissi what do u want to do to Andy na?#sadface#… Weldone babes! – Habeebah

Thumbs up Dee! you’re absolutely wonderful!!! More Grace and anointing IJN – McBerry

*dancing* praise God for this miracle. So so happy. Nissi! You are wonderful. God bless you greatly and increase your wisdom tremendously – Abbey

na only God save ur parents o jessie,i wan kil dem again niyen…nyc work nissi – Gbemi

Tank God for Jess to come around I was down with worry. Dis love tin sha. God help dem. Thanks to Nissi for making my weekend a good one – Saka Adenike

INspy abeg take plenty kisses frm me! Thanks darln! God pls help me find my true Love! – Zizi

For the first time am angry. this į̸̸̨§ not fair bcos i hate suspense. nice job Nissi booo – Lolly

Nissy o, which kain suspense be dis ooo!!! I pray nothing happens to Jess o. – Ennyati

I came, I read and was amazed. Na today I go talk my own ooooo, the story was….is…..dnt even knw wat to say!! Chaiii writers dey for naija, intriguing start, nice plot, weigthy contents, ise opolo, moral lesson, always on course and finally a veriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nice wrap up…..so glad I read. Ma’am your best is yet to come…….tnx and on behalf of your fans I say……all ye other writers, watchout oooooooooooooooooooooooo – Laminah

These comments and much much more that I really wish I could highlight, brought the sparkle to my days… Thanks to you alllll…
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Thank you!!!
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