Hey guys,

I am sure you all have been waiting to know when the next semiweekly series would commence… well, the waiting is finally over!!!

The next series commences next month, 14th June, 2016. So the count down begins! The next series is 20 DAYS AWAY! You wanna know the title? I won’t tell you yet! *grinsss*

Now, to the second good news…

The much awaited ‘MARRIED‘ eBook is just three days away!!!


Yes! Married would be released this Friday. If you were part of the series when it was on, I am sure you would definitely want to have Jessica and Andy on your phone, following you wherever you go. But till we go international and start advertising on TV, i solely rely on you… Smiles… Please do spread word via social medias using the hashtag #MARRIEDbyNissi on Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

Thanks so much for the help!

Till Friday, the count down continues…
20 days to go…