My sincere undiluted gratitude goes to you all who partook in the just concluded series – Rebound (Endless Tears 2). I really appreciate your comments, messages and shares on social medias and via word of mouth; you really made my days brighter than the sun rays could make them.

If you however, haven’t read the just concluded series, it is all yours with one click. Click here to read REBOUND. The eBook, which has the fully detailed version of the series would be out soon… Yeah, soooonnnn!!!

Yes, to answer the question lurking somewhere in your mind, a new series is coming up soon, 🙂 the date is still undecided though. However, the good news is, Short Stories and EBOOKS would be released during this waiting process to keep you glued to your phone, with a full pack of popcorn by the side. *grinsss*

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Do enjoy your day! Kisses…