Blood trickled down my body
Flowing like a river on the sands of the earth
My life is seeping away
Vanishing with every painful breath I take
My mockers celebrate my pain
They laugh at my sorrow
Those I seek to save
Seek my destruction
My love for them has been returned with hatred
I raise my eyes to the shifting clouds within an inch of my life
I am hanging onto life by a thread
It slips out of my grasp
Slowly, the numbing pain fades…
Fades… and diminishes…
‘It is finished’…

My life is gone
My body lays stiff and lifeless
I have no body to call home
I have been plunged painfully into the darkness of death
Into a new world of complete nothingness
Still in death, I fight
Releasing my mockers from the destruction they brought upon themselves
The foundations of the earth shake with terror
Beneath the intensity of the struggle

At last my mission is accomplished
My pain is replaced with glory
The shackles have been lifted from the necks of my people
Replaced with glorious freedom
My sacrifice is justified
I return to the place I rightfully belong
Where pain is not permitted
To celebrate the final freedom of my people
And to be celebrated for my sacrifice
Till we meet again……