My sweet heartbeat
The day is finally upon us
When love hangs in the air like a sweet ointment
I have my hair set to perfection
And my carefully selected dress, holding firmly to my skin
I can’t wait to see you
To see myself in your eyes when you come to whisk me away for a romantic getaway
I am putting on your favourite colour
The shade of Green which matches my eyes perfectly and always leaves you gaping whenever I have it on
I am dressed for your eyes only, using only touches of red to match the love season
Because even though it is Valentine’s day, you are my Valentine


Mi Amor
My dearest desire
Hasten your steps towards me
For my skin itches to have your strong arms around me
As we sway slowly to the music of our own making
To get lost in the sea of your beautiful eyes
As we wordlessly gaze at each other, speaking with eyes only
The night is still young and I have no idea where you might be taking me
We might be in the open, surrounded by people
Or secluded, all on our own and away from the world
But whichever way, I would be surrounded only by our love
Cause in the safety of your arms
Is where I wanna be… always!

Happy Valentine’s day, my Valentine!

To my Valentine, on Valentine’s day