The last thing Leticia expected from Rita was
hostility. The text Rita sent came as a shock and
had confirmed the fact that her relationship was
in danger. Leticia called Frank several times but
there was no answer. “What could they probably
be doing by now”, Leticia wondered. Though it
was late, sleep was the last thing on Leticia’s
mind. She just wanted to find out if Frank had
dropped Rita off and was on his way home. She
checked his Whatsapp Last Seen time and it was
around the time he left her house. Her heart
missed several beats because she began
hallucinating and imagining Frank and Rita
making love in Rita’s house. Soon, she received a
call from Frank. Immediately she answered the
phone, she blasted off, “Where are you?” “Why
were you not answering my calls, Frank?”, she
added. “Tish, you know that I don’t answer my
phone when I am driving”, Frank said. “I was the
one calling so at least you could have picked up
to tell me something”, Leticia said. “Sorry”, Frank
replied. “I am home and far away from Rita, just
so you know.” “Good night Tish”, Frank said and
hang up the phone. Days passed and Leticia was
engaged in a personal battle with herself to
choose between Frank and Gabriel. She was more
in love with Gabriel now and was willing to
choose him over Frank. She was faced with
opposition from Rita and she knew Frank also
had divided attention. She thought to herself,
“Even if I let go of Frank, there is no way in hell
that he would go out with Rejoice”. She knew she
was now in an almost lose-lose situation. She
was facing opposition and hostility from Rejoice
and Rita. “The choice is for Gabriel to make and
not Rejoice”. “If he decides to choose me, I don’t
think Rejoice’s word can change anything”. She
then decided to break up with Frank and get more
serious with Gabriel. Frank and Rita were getting
more close with each passing moment. All that
while, Frank never thought of falling for Rita even
though the urge to do so kept getting stronger.
Rita visited Frank at home one weekend and they
engaged in hearty chats all day. Before she left,
Frank was showing off their rock garden which
looked like paradise at night with the hundreds of
lights along it’s path. “Frank, can’t you see that I
am in love with you and I want to be with you?”,
Rita said. Frank was shocked but not surprised.
“I didn’t expect you to say that, Rita”, Frank said.
“I have strong feelings for you, Frank”, Rita said.
“You make me happy, whenever I am with you, I
feel a sense of belonging and I can’t stop thinking
about you even if I wanted to”, Rita added. “Rita,
if I told you that I didn’t have any feelings for
you, it would be a lie but what about Leticia?”,
Frank asked. “What about her?”, Rita fired back.
“It is not as if I am campaigning against her or
something but tell me Frank, the whole of today,
how many times has she called to check up on
you?” “How often does she return your calls?”
“When was the last time she made efforts to
come and visit you?”, Rita added. “Let me give
you a piece of advice Frank, when a woman loves,
she loves for real and won’t give any excuses” “I
am not asking you to choose me over her but if
what I am saying is wrong, just tell me”. Frank
was quiet the whole time. It was probably
because he tried hard to recall the last time he
actually had a real conversation with Leticia.
“Let’s just give her some time”, Frank said as he
jumped to Leticia’s defense. “Sometimes, I believe
her work doesn’t allow her to have time”, he
added. “So are you in any way saying that I am
aimless?”, Rita added. “Far from that”, Frank
said. Frank knew there was no possible excuse
he could find to rubbish Rita’s claims. He had
given it a thought several times but it now
became clearer. Immediately Rita left, he decided
to call Leticia and sort things out. His call was
waiting. “Frank, let me call you back in a bit”,
Leticia said immediately she answered the phone.
“No, we need to talk now”, Frank said. “Why are
you doing this, Frank?”, Leticia said. “I just said I
would call you back so we talk”. “I am not talking
to any guy so stop being jealous and let me call
you back”. “I am tired of your excuses, Leticia”,
Frank said. “Let us just break up so I stop
worrying myself over you”. “I wonder if you care
about me like the way I care about you”. “With
each passing day, it becomes clear to me that I
am the only one in love in this relationship”. “If
you can’t love me like I do you, then I don’t see
the point in loving at all”, Frank added. “Frank,
why are you saying all these things?”, Leticia
asked. “Can I see you tomorrow?”, she added
politely. “No Tish, you can’t”, Frank fired back”. “I
would not want to force you to do anything for
me”, Frank said. “Just stay there and lemme stay
here”. “It is the best thing for both of us”. “I
would talk to you later, enjoy your night”, Frank
added and hang up phone. That night, Leticia
called Frank several times but he refused to
answer. She also sent several messages but they
were also not replied. Frank had made up his
mind. He was going to get every bit of emotional
attachment for Leticia out of his life. He was
heartbroken and didn’t want to hear anything
about love or being in love. He deleted most of
the love songs from his phone because they
reminded him of Leticia. He gave strong word not
to allow Leticia into their house or into his ward.
Frank’s emotional breakdown even affected Rita
because he kept their conversations to the barest
minimum during his relapse. Once in a while, he
would pick up Leticia’s call just to hear her voice
and see if she was fine and that was all. Leticia
was now going out with Gabriel and she soon
forgot about getting Frank back. She knew with
time, Rita was going to find her way into Frank’s
heart so she purposed in her heart to make it a
bit challenging for her. Leticia sent Rejoice a
message which read, “I accept your deal, Frank is
all yours now”. “You would have to take care of
this person first, she is a hindrance”.
“020532####”. Leticia had just sent Rita’s
number to Rejoice the seductive schemer. “If I
can’t have Frank, none of us will”, she thought to
herself. The baton has been passed on….

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