If there was ever a better time to say, ‘it is a
small world we live in’, the perfect moment was
when Leticia and Rejoice met again after
separating from school on a not so good note.
Leticia’s heart missed a beat when she saw
Rejoice’s face. In her mind she thought, “why
should this girl always come in to mare my best
days?” “Was she on an assignment to be a hurdle
to my happiness?” The eagerness with which she
had walked out of the house to keep up
appearances as the potential sister in law had
come back to haunt her at her own house and in
that moment, the cliché, ‘we live in a small
world’ made much sense and had become clear
to her because by seeing Rejoice, Leticia’s hopes
had come to a standstill just as she had paused
when the window was rolled down. Before this
‘unfortunate mix up’, she always rehearsed her
lines when she had to meet any new person but
this time, she had to swallow back her words.
The silence was becoming deafening because
Gabriel had expected a hearty conversation to
ensue between the two beautiful ladies but all he
received were only stares. Rejoice then broke the
deadlock, “Hello, roomie, how is my ex-boyfriend,
Frank doing?” “Are you guys still together?”, she
inquisitively enquired. Leticia was still awestruck
and had her mind wandering in far places.
Rejoice’s queries suddenly hit her and she
responded, “So after this long time of not seeing
me, is this the first question you could ask?”
Gabriel was stunned and could not come to terms
with the line of conversation. He was sensing
hostility so he jumped in, “Do you ladies know
each other?”, he asked with a confused look on
his face. “We were roommates in university”,
Rejoice said, to help Gabriel out of his confusion.
Gabriel then spoke out the long-awaited cliché,
“We really live in a small world, you see?” It then
hit Rejoice that she had an upper hand in this
case so she looked at her brother and asked, “So
how did you two meet?”. “We are colleagues at
work”, Gabriel replied. “I didn’t know Leticia could
turn into a lawyer so quickly”, Rejoice interjected
sarcastically. “I am not a lawyer yet, Rejoice, I
work as more or less a paralegal”, Leticia
rebutted. “What do you do now, Rejoice?”, Leticia
also asked. “I work in my daddy’s firm as his
secretary”, Rejoice replied in such a way that
made Leticia feel bad about her own father who
was just a pupil teacher. As the banter between
Leticia and Rejoice was going on, Augustus,
Leticia’s father had asked Frank to go and fetch
Leticia to help in the cutting of the cake. Frank,
who was unaware of the “battle” going on outside
wanted to beat a quick retreat when he saw his
‘accuser’ sitting in a car outside but he was not
fast enough and was caught by Rejoice. “Frank,
Frank!”, Rejoice screamed, “it’s me, your true
love”. “Come and give me some sugar”, Rejoice
added. Leticia had wanted to say “Stay away
from him, you snake”, but it could only be just a
thought. Frank walked up to the car in a silly
manner. When he got there, he immediately
spoke, “This is a very unusual reunion”, he said
while trying to keep a straight face. Gabriel was
the most confused amongst all the people
gathered. “You know him too?”, Gabriel asked his
sister in an almost shocking tone. “We were all in
the same university”, Rejoice said, “We met in
somewhat bizarre circumstances way back in
school”, Leticia added. Rita was inside the house
and wondered what was keeping them outside.
She went to the gate to find out but upon seeing
the crowd, she went back inside. The ‘prayer
warrior’, came out and called Leticia to come
inside. Before she went inside, she hugged
Gabriel, who said he had to go home and shook
the hands of Rejoice in a hostile manner. Rejoice,
on getting that reaction, disembarked from their
SUV and hugged Frank. She was in a skimpy tight
skirt and was in high heels. As she hugged Frank,
she whispered into his ears, “you still have on
that perfume that turns me on”. All Frank could
do was nod and enjoy Rejoice’s soft bosoms
pressed against his chest. Frank and Leticia bade
the two farewell and walked back into the house
as Gabriel sped off. “That was weird”. Frank said.
“Can you believe that Gabriel is Rejoice’s
brother?, Leticia asked Frank. Frank did not
answer, all he could think of was the hug and the
perfume that Rejoice had left lingering on his
shirt. Soon the party was over and the merry
makers had to retire. Rita was standing outside
and was waiting on Frank to take her back home.
Leticia did not like that idea and left to her alone,
different transport arrangements would be made
for Rita but it was not possible. Frank opened
and held the door for Rita, she sat down, he
closed the door and planted a kiss on Leticia’s
forehead. “I will see you soon, my pretty
princess”, he said as he started his car. “Drive
carefully”, Leticia said and gave Rita a stern look.
Frank drove off into the darkness. As Leticia
entered the house, she received a text. It was
from Rejoice and it read, “stay away from my
brother”. “You can’t have him”. “If you are willing
to trade him for Frank, he is all yours”. “This is a
good deal”. “The choice is yours”. Leticia was
dejected. She wanted to give the deal a thought
but she was also not ready to lose either Gabriel
or Frank. She knew she had to act fast. She had
taken Rita’s number from Frank’s phone and
decided to send her a text. “Stay away from my
boyfriend”, the text she sent read. As she walked
to her door, she received a text and it read, “You
had him all to yourself when he was at your
house”. “Now it is my turn to have him so shut
up and don’t text me again”. The text was
probably the most devastating thing to happen to
Leticia all day because she knew it was time to
cross swords…….


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