“What did you just say?”, Frank asked. “Don’t
play dumb with me Frank”, Leticia fired back
showing him the text he had received. “I won’t
argue with you over this”. “Rita is just a friend
and I have not even for once thought of her
beyond that”, Frank added. “My goodness, I can’t
believe that you would think of me in such a
way”, Frank said looking somewhat disappointed.
“Come off it Frank, that was the same thing you
said about my roommate, Rejoice”. “I still haven’t
forgotten about that incident”, Leticia added.
Frank wanted to keep his cool but Leticia would
not allow him to. She kept going on and on about
it. “You know what, call Rita and ask her
yourself”, Frank cut in. “It will make a lot of
things clear”. “I won’t speak to any lover of
yours”, Leticia replied. “Frank, you know what,
just take me back home”. “I don’t feel like going
out anymore”, Leticia said. “Has it gotten to
this?”, Frank asked. “It hasn’t gotten to anything,
Frank”, Leticia said. Frank drove in silence and
took the next U-turn and headed for Leticia’s
neighborhood. As they got there, Leticia got out
of the car, closed the door, bent over and said,
“Frank, we should take a short break for a while”,
Leticia said. “I want to clear my head”, Leticia
added. “Tish, come on, don’t do this”, Frank said.
“The first time you got out of this car, we had
just shared a kiss that bonded us, today you get
out and you want to tear us apart with your
words”, he added. Leticia bade him goodbye and
said, “Call me”. Immediately she entered the
house, Leticia called Gabriel and told him all what
had happened, “I can’t believe Frank would do
this again”, she complained. “Do it again?”,
Gabriel asked. “Back in school, we had a similar
incident”, but I overlooked it, thinking it was going
to serve as a lesson to him but I guess it was
not to be”. “After all, guys will always be guys,
maybe except you; for now”. “Promise me that
you wont be like all guys”, Leticia said. “You
should know me better than this, Leticia. “I am
above these kind of things”, Gabriel added. Frank
knew he was losing Leticia gradually so he
stepped up his duties in trying to keep her. He
spoke with many doctors and personally funded
the travel expenses of a Cuban brain surgeon. He
was fulfilling his self-made promise of helping
Rose from her epileptic fits. Frank took the
chance to visit Leticia’s father to inform him of
his intentions. “Thank you so much for your
efforts”, Frank, Leticia’s father said. “I’d rather
we left her like that, I would not want to risk
finding a solution to her problem and losing her in
the process”. It is said that in the absence of
best, good is better than worse”, he added. “I
understand that perfectly, sir but I have put
together a team of trusted and competent doctors
and they will see to it that nothing happens to
Rose”, Frank assured Rose’s father. With little
more convincing, Leticia’s father agreed and
signed the parental consent form to allow the
operation to go on. Frank had not told Leticia of
his intentions yet so he invited her out and told
her about it. “I love you so much, Frank”, Leticia
said as Frank broke the news to her. She kissed
him and hugged him tightly. “You are the best”.
For the first time in a while, the two of them had
an incident-free night out. Frank knew he was
well on his way of winning back Leticia’s heart
with this move. Frank went home that night and
felt some satisfaction deep inside. He called Rita
to talk about the incident and to make some
enquiries since Rita worked in the Paediatric
centre in her hospital. “Hello”, Frank said as Rita
answered the call. There was a long silence so
Frank said a number of ‘hellos’ before he got a
response. “Hello, Frank”, Rita said. Immediately
Frank heard her voice, he noticed something was
wrong “Are you crying, Rita?”, Frank asked. “I will
be fine, don’t worry about me, dear”, Rita said.
“Come on Rita, talk to me”. “What is the matter?”,
Frank asked. “I feel so alone, Frank and I don’t
know why”,Rita said. “You can talk to me about
anything”, Frank assured her. They spoke for
hours and soon, Rita was laughing hysterically.
“Before Rita ended the call, she said softly, “I love
you, Frank”. Frank did not know what to say but
responded, “Love you bunch”.
Soon, the day for Rose’s operation had come, as
usual, the ‘prayer warrior’, led the whole house in
an all-night vigil to pray for a successful
operation. Rose was taken into the operating
room after being sedated. Halfway through the
operation, many doctors were called to provide
assistance, it had been established that Rose was
bleeding out. It was a very intense moment
because at a point, Augustus, Rose’s father was
hearing rumors that the doctors had lost Rose.
Frank was confused. He was not allowed into the
operating room. “I can’t forgive myself if anything
happens to this child”, he wondered to himself
and prayed for a miracle. After several hours, it
was finally confirmed that the operation had been
a success and the portion of Rose’s brain that
was causing the seizures had been restored.
There were shouts of joy and jubilation in
Leticia’s house when her father phoned in to tell
them of the new development. Augustus could not
thank Frank and the doctors enough for saving
his daughter. Rita was the first person Frank
called to announce the good news to. She was
very excited upon hearing the news. “I could kiss
you right now”, she said. Upon realizing what she
said, she countered by saying, “that didn’t come
out right”. “I totally understand, Rita”, Frank said.
That afternoon, Frank and Rita met after work
and had a drink to celebrate the operation. “I am
proud of you and all your efforts, Frank, God bless
you”, Rita said. “I really appreciate your time and
company, Rita”, Frank replied. He moved in to hug
her but Rita went in and kissed him. He returned
the kiss and left for Leticia’s house. Upon
reaching there, he was told Leticia was not at
home. Her boss had given her the day off and she
spent it with Gabriel in his apartment. Frank
called her twice but there was no response. Frank
then left for the hospital to watch over Rose while
her dad went back home to change. Leticia was
laying in Gabriel’s bed when his phone kept
vibrating from messages. Gabriel had gone to
take a shower. Leticia then stretched her hand
and picked up his phone. The last of six
messages read, “It’s been a while I heard from
you, call me”. The sender’s number looked a bit
familiar to Leticia. She quickly copied the
number to refer to it later and she placed
Gabriel’s phone from where she picked it. After an
hour, she was dressing up to go and visit her
sister at the hospital. She remembered the
number she copied from Gabriel’s phone and
wanted to satisfy her curiosity. She planned to
call the number and just listen to the voice on the
other side. She dialled the number and pressed
the ‘send’ button. She could not believe what she
was seeing. Out of shock, she quickly pressed the
‘reject’ button several times. She had just dialled
Rejoice’s number….


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