To avoid suspicion, Leticia gently tucked the
phone back into her pocket, “It is nothing I can’t
handle”, she said. “Is it work related?”, Frank
asked with a worried look on his face. “It is
something to do with a case we are involved in”.
“My boss wanted to find out if I had gathered all
the files he needed for the next hearing”. Leticia
had just told another lie and she knew that she
would have to keep telling lie after lie just to
cover up for her previous “sin”. She put her head
on Frank’s shoulder as they walked. “This is all
your fault, Frank”, she wondered to herself. “If you
had not seen the falling star and gotten all
emotional on me, I would have known where I
stand with you because you would have known
the truth”, she added. They walked back to
Leticia’s house, Frank kissed her in the dark and
bade her goodbye. As Frank got home, he heard
the tap running in the kitchen and he knew it was
his mother. So he went to check up on her. When
he got there, he saw an unfamiliar figure; the
figure had long hair which was not grey like his
mother’s, the figure appeared curvaceous from
behind. He instantly wanted to appear nice
because he liked what he was seeing. “What have
you done with my mum?” Frank asked jokingly.
The figure turned and responded, “She is in the
hall”. “I am just helping her finish the dishes”, the
figure said and turned revealing her identity. The
figure looked more appealing from the front and
there was something about the voice that kept
Frank rooted to the spot and eager to hear the
voice more. “Hi, I am Frank and I live here”,he
opened the fridge and took a sachet of water to
drink. The mysterious young lady laughed and
said, “I know who you are, Frank”. “Your mother
has told me a lot about you”. My name is Rita,
just so you know”. I work in the same hospital
with your mum”. Frank took a liking for her and
they chatted, more on healthcare. Soon, Frank’s
mother walked into the kitchen and said, “You
guys look good together”,as she cleared her
throat to announce her presence. “Rita works
with me and I asked her to help me prepare
dinner because I was not feeling too well”. “I
didn’t expect you back this early but I am glad
you two have met”. Frank gave his mother a
slight shoulder rub to shut her up and asked to
be excused. “It was nice meeting you, Rita and
thanks for helping out with our dinner”. He quickly
left for his room to prevent his mother from
sending the wrong signals to Rita with the line of
conversation ensuing. The next day, Leticia was
on her way to the office and suddenly
remembered the text she received from Gabriel.
“Oh my God, what web am I entangling myself in?
I love Frank but now, Gabriel is confusing me”.
“Help me, Oh God”. As she said this, she entered
the office, dropped her bag and headed straight
for Gabriel’s cubicle. As she got there, Gabriel
was busy making notes from a case file he was
reading. His face lit up when he saw Leticia. “The
look on your face tells me that you have good
news for me”, Gabriel said. Leticia tried to hide
the smile on her face but it was too late. “I knew
it!”, Gabriel yelled excitedly. “Gabby, why are you
doing this?” “I have told you that I am seeing
someone and the last thing I could do is to hurt
his feelings”. “Please let us try to remain
colleagues and no more”, Leticia added. “Okay”,
Gabriel responded and went back to writing in his
notepad. Leticia was shocked at Gabriel’s
response and asked, “Is that all you are going to
say?” “As far as I am concerned, you have made
things clear to me so this conversation ends
here”, Gabriel responded. “What kind of person
are you?” Leticia asked. “Did you just want to
make love to me?”. Gabriel dropped his pencil,
looked up at Leticia and said, “Ever since that
incident happened, it has been impossible for me
to stop thinking about you in fact…”, suddenly he
got out of the chair and pinned Leticia to the wall
and they shared a passionate kiss. “Gabby stop
it”, Leticia said as she struggled to push him
back. “Maybe this will send you a clearer
message in case you think I am going to give you
up so easily”. Leticia quickly run to her desk and
sat there for a while not knowing what to do. She
planned on putting in her resignation letter to
save her relationship with Frank because she
knew deep inside that she had started to develop
a thing for Gabriel. After days of serious thinking,
she decided on what to do “I will date the two of
them”. “I don’t know which of them will marry me
so let me just play along but God, you know that
deep down my heart, I love Frank more”, she
thought to herself. Unknown to her, she had
started taking a liking for Gabriel more. It was
probably due to the fact that they spent more
time together. It is true what is said about new
relationships, the chats they had were endless,
they got to know each other more and talked
almost all the time. Frank had started to notice
that Leticia was drifting away from him but he
felt it was stress that occupied her mind. She
began to feel more comfortable around Gabriel
than around Frank. Leticia now was not returning
Frank’s calls as frequently as she used to. Frank
therefore decided to confront her. “You are
changing, Tish”. “We rarely talk these past few
days”. “Is anything the matter?”, Frank asked. “I
am fine Frank”, Leticia responded. “I just don’t
want to bother you so much when you are at
work”, Leticia said. “I have never complained,
have I?”, Frank asked. “I hope you are not
suspecting that I am cheating on you”, Leticia
asked. “Far from that but I just want us to spend
more time with each other”. Leticia’s attitude
was not changing for the better, rather, she fell
more in love with Gabriel. Frank felt talking to her
would mean that he was nagging so he was quiet
over her attitude. He lay on his bed one night and
received a call. It was Rita, she had called to
check up on him. “How did you get my number?”,
Frank asked feeling uncomfortable about how his
mother was giving out his personal information
without his consent. Like magic, Frank and Rita
started chatting and soon, they could not go a
day without hearing from each other. One day, as
Frank drove back home from work, he thought to
himself, “What if Leticia finds out about Rita?” “I
just like her but I hope Leticia doesn’t think
otherwise because I love her so much”. Soon,
Frank and Leticia started growing apart and
Leticia got alarmed so she asked Frank to take
her out. On their way, Frank’s phone kept ringing
but he didn’t answer. Soon there was a text
message tone. Leticia asked to see the phone and
she picked it up from the dashboard. She went
into his messages and the new message read,
“Frank please pick up my calls, I am worried”.
“Frank, how could you?, Leticia asked. “I know
you are cheating on me”…..

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