The last thing Leticia expected to happen was for
Rose to be hit by her fits when they visited
Frank’s house. She insisted on leaving her behind
at home but Frank’s persistent calls to come
along with her had now turned ugly. Worse of all,
the attack couldn’t have chosen a better day to
happen and even more worse was the fact that it
chose a wrong spectator. When Leticia got to the
hall, she quickly run to Rose’s side and held her
head still. She turned and looked at Frank in a
distasteful way as if to tell him that ‘I told you
so, this is all your fault’. Frank’s mother was
shocked and rushed to go and get her first aid kit
when Leticia came to watch over her sister. She
returned almost immediately and started
preparing to dress Rose’s head wound. Leticia
held Frank’s mother and told her, “Mummy please
wait, sometimes she has multiple occurrences so
I’d rather you wait a while”. “How often does this
happen?” Frank’s mother asked. “Once in a while,
I guess it happens when she is overexcited or
nervous”. “Truth be told, she hasn’t seen a lot of
all these nice things in a house like this before so
I am sure it could well be today’s trigger”. Soon,
Rose gained consciousness and Leticia allowed
Frank’s mother to dress Rose’s head wound.
They spent almost the whole day at Frank’s
house. After dinner, Frank went to drop off Leticia
and Rose at home and started on his way back
home. Before he got back home, he knew that
definitely, his mother would have something to
say about the incident that took place.
Immediately he got back, he walked straight to
the hall, where he knew his mother would be
waiting. “I know what you want to say, but I can
assure you that everything is going to be fine”,
Frank said as he stepped in the hall to avoid a
long lecture. “What do you know, Frank?, his
mother asked. “What kind of evil spirit have you
taken upon yourself?” “We have spent hard-
earned money and sacrificed a lot to see you
through school and we won’t watch you plunge
yourself downhill by saddling yourself with this
evil family”. “I know your father won’t see
anything wrong with this but you are my son and
I love you, so please, I see something wrong”.
“My intuition has never failed and you know it”.
“Find someone else, there are many sweet nurses
in my hospital, you can pass by and do an
assessment”. “What will be more beautiful than a
young doctor who has a pretty and smart nurse
as his wife? “Think about it, my son”. “I rest my
case”, Frank’s mother added. “Mummy, that is an
unfair assessment”. “When you meet the entire
family, you will like them and you would know
that your so called priced intuition was just luck
after all”, Frank argued. “I want to go to bed
now”, Frank said and excused himself. Back at
Leticia’s house, she was recounting to the
occupants of the house the events of the day and
sought their counsel. “I am finished”, she
lamented. “I could see that Frank’s mother was
beginning to like me until the unfortunate event
happened”. All the people in the house shared
their opinion. The ‘prayer warrior’ said, “Don’t
worry, we must embark on a three-day dry fast
to loose certain things and by the third day, you
will surely possess your possessions”. The
‘fighters’ agreed on the fact that so far as Frank
was bold enough to introduce her to his mother,
something good was bound to come out of their
relationship because according to them, the
mothers are the most difficult to convince when
such an introduction is made and by virtue of the
fact that she had already started to like her, she
was in for gold. As they shared their opinion, the
‘counsellor’ grabbed Leticia aside and said, “My
sister, if you haven’t slept with him yet, you better
do before another woman does, because, if such a
thing happens, you will surely be finished”. Soon
their small compound was deserted leaving only
Leticia sitting in the middle of the house and
tossing the thoughts that were shared by the
people in the house. She sat in silence and began
to think to herself, “Is God punishing me for
betraying Frank by sleeping with Gabriel?” “What
happened between us was a fatal mistake”. “I am
really confused about all this”. “This week hasn’t
been good at all”. Should I tell Frank about
Gabriel’s incident?, she asked herself. “Or should I
just allow Frank to also sleep with me so that it
cancels out what Gabriel did? “I honestly don’t
want that to happen because he might change his
mind after he has taken a bite of my cherry and I
can’t live with myself if that should happen”.
“Frank deserves better, he has been really good to
me and this goodness has even extended to my
family members”. Leticia was at her wit’s end.
She decided to tell Frank about Gabriel’s incident
so she asked Frank to meet her in her
neighborhood the following evening. On the night
of the meeting, Leticia and Frank took a walk in
her neighborhood and Frank really enjoyed the
sight of some things he felt were strange judging
from his rich background. He saw houses made
up of wooden planks, he saw drinking bars that
could pass as refuse dumps to say the least. As
they took the walk and reached an open field,
Frank chanced upon a falling star and asked
Leticia to make a wish, she thought for a while
and said, “I want us to be together forever”.
Frank, who was already filled with emotions
looked at her and said, “You mean more than
this world to me, Tish”. ” I just want you to be
by my side forever and continue to be my ‘hard
to get lover’. “I know the pressure is great but
still remain faithful like you’ve always been”.
“Just so you know, if your name was ever used in
a song, that song would become my favourite
song of all”. Leticia didn’t want to spoil the
moment so she reserved her confession for a later
date because Frank’s words always did
something to her. They shared a kiss and
continued strolling. Leticia’s phone beeped
several times while they strolled but she ignored
the beeps. Soon her phone vibrated. She let go of
Frank’s hand and reached for her phone. She had
missed several calls from Gabriel. He had sent a
message so she opened it and it read “Leticia, I
can’t stop thinking about you after what
happened between us”. “Please save me from my
misery and tell me something at the office
tomorrow”. “Love, Gab”… “Is everything alright?”
“You look shocked”, Frank said as he stretched
his neck to look at what was on the phone …

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