The moment their lips touched, Frank pulled back
and said, “Rejoice, I honestly don’t think we
should do this”. I love Leticia and I know she
trusts you with a lot of things but I don’t think
you would want to destroy your trust and
friendship in this brief moment of pleasure which
would yield nothing but a lifetime of pain and
regret, Frank said. “It would be out of this world
for any man to pass this chance but the parties
involved are essential to the peace we need going
forward into the unforeseeable future”, Frank
added. All this while, as Frank was delivering his
speech, Rejoice looked at him in a disgusted
manner and blasted off when he finished. “Mr.
Nobel Peace prize winner, are you done?”. “You
enjoyed my Jollof without putting up a fight, you
enjoyed my drink, you didn’t argue, you have seen
me almost naked and I know you enjoyed it, now
that we must consummate what was started from
the beginning, you want to stand me up?”, Rejoice
asked. “Frank darling, you have to think again
because whether this goes down or not, your
relationship has already hit the rocks”. “Leticia
will never trust you again because as it stands
now, you, my dear gentleman, find yourself
between the deep blue sea and a hard place”.
“You remember the young lady who walked in
here earlier, the minute Leticia gets back, she is
going to tell her that you were here. How are you
going to defend yourself?” “Frank, you have just
lost Leticia to a bowl of rice”. Frank had noticed
how he had been tricked. He got confused and a
number of ideas started going through his mind.
“What if I killed you now?”,Frank asked as he
started moving towards Rejoice. “What did you
just say?”, a frightened Rejoice asked as she
started to move back. “You heard me, witch. “I
am going to strangle you and throw you over the
balcony, we are seven floors high, you would die
instantly and it would be ruled an accident in the
worst case scenario”. If you are inconsiderate, I
might as well be inconsiderate too”. Frank added.
“Come on Frank, how difficult would it be to
make love to me?”. “I won’t do it!”, Frank
screamed back. Rose then walked towards Frank
and started rubbing her hands all over Frank. “I
thought Leticia was like a sister to you”. Why do
you want to do this to her?”,Frank asked.
“Obsession, Frank, only obsession can make me
do this”, Rejoice replied as she started to
unbutton his shirt. At the sight of his six packs,
she went on her knees and gave them a kiss.
“Please don’t go there”, Frank said as he
shivered from the kisses from her cold lips. He
held her head to his lower abdomen and with full
force, pushed her to the ground. “This madness
must stop this minute!”, Frank yelled. Rejoice
picked herself up from the tiled floor and it
seemed she was being filled with rage. “Madness
you say?”. “I am going to show you what
madness really looks like”, she added. She
unhooked her brassiere, tore part of Frank’s shirt
and started banging on her door and screaming
for help. Frank struggled to hold her back and as
a result, tore some parts of her dress. In a matter
of minutes, there was a crowd gathered in front of
the room anxious to find out what the noise was
about. Rejoice opened the door and quickly
jumped out. “Rape!, rape!”, she shouted. Some of
the boys present quickly rushed into the room
and bound the bare-chested Frank. “This is a
mistake”, Frank said as he struggled to break free
from their hold. Before Frank could say another
word, one of the boys who had ‘arrested’ him
gave him a slap on the face. “What is your
excuse?” “The devil as usual right?”, the ‘slapper’
asked. All the burden of proof lay on Frank. He
had to explain how he was bare-chested in a
different hostel on a female floor. He had to prove
what he was doing in a locked room with another
woman he knew was not his girlfriend. “Wait,
wait”, Frank said, “I can prove to you that I was
set up”. Frank had just remembered that he
received a message from Leticia to come and
hang out with her because her roommate was not
around. He dipped his hands into his pocket to
fetch his phone but it seemed that amidst the
confusion, someone else had taken possession of
his new Samsung galaxy S6 edge phone. “Oh my
God!, he exclaimed. “Someone has stolen my
phone, Someone has stolen my phone!”,Frank
yelled. The crowd was not interested in his
claims. They only wanted to see justice served a
coward who could not get a woman to bed the
decent way. He sat in the hostel manager’s office
and explained several times that he was set up.
He told them that he was from a christian home
and could not lie. He also recounted how he
received a message from his girlfriend. The only
alibi he could depend on was Leticia’s message
but unknown to him, Rejoice had already deleted
it. Leticia’s phone kept vibrating in her pocket so
she decided to take a quick look before the
history professor turned from writing on the
board. It was a picture of Frank. She downloaded
it and it came with the caption, “your boo boo
was just caught in an attempt to go down on
your roomie. Will update you soon”. “It sucks to
be you right now”…….

Inspy’s World