From the day Rejoice set her eyes on Frank, her
attitude towards Leticia changed. There were
times that she even felt that Leticia did not
deserve Frank. Rejoice had set her sights on
destroying the relationship between Leticia and
Frank. This motive of hers made her grow bitter
towards Leticia and her every action. “Why am I
even doing this?, Rejoice asked herself one day
when she was alone in the room. “I think I
deserve better than Leticia”. “My parents are
richer, I am prettier and I believe compared to
Leticia, I am more experienced in a lot of things
than she is”. “Why do I want to destroy their
relationship?”, she asked herself. “I believe a
woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do to
see herself happy”. “Leticia, this is not personal, it
is the issue of survival of the sexiest”. “Unlike
naive Leticia, I know what a man wants and I am
willing to give it to him”. “I know what to do”,
Rejoice said. She wanted to get an opportune
moment to put her plans to bed. It took her more
time planning her “coup d’état” than she actually
studied. She was obsessed with having Frank and
did not really mind taking Leticia out of the
picture to get to her aim. Rejoice had become so
meticulous. She had grown into a tactician
overnight. She paid attention to every little detail
between Leticia and Frank. She knew their love
was so strong and they rarely even argued so she
could not use that as motive to get Frank. She
set her sights on eavesdropping on their phone
conversations. “Why am I so into this guy?, she
asked herself. “There are so many cute guys
everywhere but why do I want Frank so badly?”.
“I need help, I have to see a counsellor to help
me”. She decided to visit a counsellor after one of
her lectures but on her way, she met Frank and
struck a conversation with him. “Hi sweet
cheeks”, she greeted. “It’s been a while we met,
hope you are holding up perfectly”. “My roomie is
keeping you like a national treasure so I know you
are in safe hands”, she added. Frank laughed and
responded, Hi Rejoice, I am cool hope you are
too”. “I would have loved to sit and chat but I am
running late for a group discussion so I’d see you
pretty soon, take care”. Frank said this and sped
off. Rejoice, after this encounter had fallen more
in love with Frank and changed her mind about
seeing the counsellor. She took a detour and
vowed to get Frank come what may. One day, she
found out valuable information about Frank. He
was a lover of good food and it happened that
‘Jollof’ rice was his favorite meal. Then it struck
Rejoice that indeed, the saying that ‘the way to a
man’s heart is through his stomach’ would be
the perfect cliché that would win her the man of
her dreams. She managed to get her hands on
Leticia’s phone before it self-locked, went into her
WhatsApp chats and sent Frank an invitation to
come and eat his favourite food and hangout
since Rejoice was not around. She deleted the
message and put the phone down. Rejoice knew
that Leticia had lectures that morning and was
not going to be back for a long time. Her only
fears were if Frank was going to take the bait, if
he already knew Leticia’s schedule for the day
and if he was going to call to verify this “August”,
invitation. None of the above happened. Leticia
left for lectures and “chef” Rejoice got to work.
She started preparing the dish. She was surprised
by the aroma of the dish. In about an hour, she
heard a knock on their door. She prayed that it
was Frank and true to her prayer, “charming”
Frank was standing at the door. She ushered him
in and offered him a seat. Frank was told that
Leticia had to go for an emergency lecture and
left her in charge. She struck a conversation with
him instantly. “Leticia told me that your favourite
food is Jollof”. “I like it, yes, but love is
overrated”, Frank replied. Soon, the food was
ready and Frank was served “handsomely”. He
ate and requested for more. He was served more
and was served mango juice to wash the food
down. They sat in silence after the table was
cleared. Rejoice stood up and started behaving in
a kinky way. For a moment, it appeared that she
wanted to give Frank a lap dance. “Rejoice, what
are you doing?”. Frank asked. “Please stop this
because I don’t like where this is going”, Frank
added. “Frank, since the first time I saw you, I
have been in love with you ever since”. “I know
you want this”, pulling her skirt upwards “because
I saw you look at me the first time you visited”. “I
can show you more than you saw and satisfy
your curiosity if you allow me”. Frank was
confused but at the same time he liked what he
was seeing. “If I allow you do what?”, Frank
asked. “I thought this was supposed to be a
man’s job”, Frank said. “Don’t be naïve Frank,
you are smart and I know you can figure it out”.
“I know you understand me but even if you don’t,
the bulge I see forming in your trousers
does”,Rejoice added. She started walking towards
Frank. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
Rejoice opened the door and it was the hostel’s
best gossip. She had come to borrow an iron. She
left with suspicious look on her face. Frank
started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to
leave. “Rejoice, I think I have overstayed my
welcome” I want to take my leave now”, he said.
“Rejoice had locked the door, sat on his laps and
planted a kiss on his lips. “What if Leticia walks
in on us like this?”, Frank asked and started
moving his lips to meet that of

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