Hello family, Happy New Year once again. It was great riding with you throughout last year and I am sure this year would be far greater than the previous ones in terms of productivity and achievements, by God’s grace.

Yes! Gone are the festive breaks and we are all back to work, school and what have you… Seeing this, Inspy’s World begins a new journey also…

Leaving the borders of Nigeria, Inspy’s World surveyed the globe and spotted a talented writer in Ghana who writes and blogs at randomafricanthoughts.blogspot.com

Edwin has written several fiction series which are mind blowing. However, ‘Priceless Dreams’, an intriguing fiction series by Edwin would commence here on Inspy’s World on Friday, 8th January, 2016. I trust that we would receive the piece with warmth and love. And yes! The series would be posted daily, from Monday to Saturday, 12pm. Please note that there would be no posts on Sundays. Please endeavor to encourage him with your loving comments and shares.

Now, get your popcorns ready cause Priceless Dreams promises to keep you glued to your sets. In response to the questions I have been receiving as regards the part 2 of Endless Tears; the series would come up February, the precise date is still undetermined. If you are yet to download ‘Belina’, please click Here to download. Also feel free to share this post with others. Love you all… See ya on Friday.


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