Hello guys, hope you guys are having a splendid day… Here is a short story which is actually someone’s personal confession. Please drop comments. Hugsss



That day, I definitely met my heart’s duet as I jogged along the busy road, hoping to get a bike home. The day was just like every other day, with workers going home, feeling extremely excited to be free from the day’s job, even though they looked tired. Also happy to finally return to my abode, I added some swagger to my steps.

Standing alongside people where I could easily get a bike, i searched desperately for a sane bike man to convey me to my residence in one piece and then, I saw her… Stunned for some seconds, all I could do was stare blankly, with no thought flitting through my mind. Calling her beautiful is definitely an understatement. She was the perfect picture of any man’s dream woman, physically. Even now, I can still remember the slim long legs which was neatly seated in an office shoe,  her office attire which made her look like a banker and that gorgeously black hair which was neatly packed. My love for fair ladies has not died till today and her complexion called to me effortlessly. She was tall, almost as tall as I; though I am not the picture of an exceedingly tall guy. *winks*

My quest for a bike halted as I stared at this epitome of beauty. Wow… I said to myself. Unfair enough, she did not even seem to notice me but determined as I was, that did not put me off in the least. All of a sudden, something happened; she flagged down a bike and got on it. Jeez, is she just going to leave like that? Instantly, I took advantage of the first idea that popped into my head without even thinking it lame or cocky.

I walked up to her as she told the bike man her destination. We are going in the same direction? Excellent, I thought. God is definitely my best friend today. “Lady, please be careful with your bag” I murmured.

She turned and offered me a bright smile that almost stopped my heartbeat. God she is breathtaking. “Thanks a lot” she whispered softly.

What a perfect voice to go with this great figure. She got on the bike and zoomed off. My quest for a bike rose several notches. My eyes x-rayed the environment like my life depended on it, seeking desperately. Thank God, I got one almost immediately. I called my destination, climbing without even negotiating price.

I hurried the bike man along and finally when I got to the bus-stop, I couldn’t have been more lucky; I sighted her. Rushing towards her, I checked out my appearance.

“Hey sister”

She recognised me instantly and I was glad. We got talking and I asked for her number. Thank God for my ‘not-bad’ outlook, she did not give me too much hard time. And that was the start of what became the most memorable and romantic love affair I had ever had, up until now.

Kemi and I became close and almost inseparable friends and we were like that for three months until I eventually asked her out and we moved from being just friends to being more than friends. I was having such a smooth time, I had never had it so good in love before. I did things with her that I never fathomed that I could do with a woman. We sang together and spent time talking to each other. Love was sweeter than honey to me then until it all started taking a down slide.

She became jealous whenever she saw me with a girl. Initially, it was really sweet because it was a sign that she loved me but it became consistent. This led to greater arguments over little things. Receiving a phone call in her presence became a problem because she would always nag. The relationship which used to be sweet, turned sour and then bitter. When it became too tight, she called it quit. I was so stunned that I begged over and over again but her mind was already made up. She had seen someone else she would rather be with.

Looking back at the wonderful memories we had, I wish I would have her back in my life again, if for nothing but just to assure myself that the entire relationship hadn’t been a dream. But, I can’t and frankly, I would rather not because it would only launch me into another dream. I realised that any woman who fits perfectly as your dream woman would only exist in your dreams and memories. Now, I look out for my reality woman, hoping to build new experiences, experience a love never dreamt or thought about, and have an exceedingly romantic story to tell my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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