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Episode 23

Patricia rubbed her fingers against her throbbing temples. Her head was aching terribly and she feared it would split in a matter of seconds. Her mum had left the house since yesterday and she was not back yet, she wondered what had happened. She had called almost a million times but the phone just rang without it being picked. She had sent a million messages and just recently, all her mum could reply with was a short, ‘I am fine, don’t worry about me’. What is going on? Pat wondered.

Patricia walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup, filled it with juice from the refrigerator and downed it at a go. She refilled and took her time sipping it as she walked back into the sitting room. As she got there, the door of the main entrance opened and Prisca entered. Pat rushed over to her, causing some liquid to spill over the rim of the cup. “Mum, where have you been?”

“That is no way to greet your mother” Prisca responded.

Pat breathed out slowly. “Welcome mum, where have you been since yesterday?”

Prisca shook her head. “Pat, you forget that I am your mother and not the other way round. I am a full grown woman, don’t worry too much about me”.

“How can you even say that mum? You tell me suddenly that dad wants a divorce and suddenly I don’t see you for another fifteen hours and you expect me to be calm and collected? Where were you?” Pat questioned.

Prisca exhaled. “With your dad, we are getting back together” She smiled.

Pat frowned. “Just like that? What about the pregnant woman? Why hasn’t his phone been going by the way? I wanted to give him a piece of my mind”

“You would do no such thing woman” Prisca said with a threatening look.

“Tell me the truth mum, were you really with dad?” Pat asked, her instinct was telling her that something was not clicking. “I won’t forgive you mum if I find out that you are hiding something. You know me mum, I would find out.” She sat beside her mum. “You can confide in me mum”

Prisca closed her eyes and did not respond for about a minute but Prisca waited. She finally opened them but her eyes were slightly moist. She exhaled and Pat became scared. “Tony never cheated, he merely lied.” She lowered her head into her hands. “He has an incurable heart disease”.

The words dropped like a bomb and Patricia slowly turned her head away from her with a look of horror. She had thought her head was aching now but now, it banged as loud as a church bell and she instantly pressed her fingers hard against her temples.

“My God Pat, take it easy. Let me get you water”

Pat massaged her temples feverishly as the information ran in circles in her head. Oh no! Oh noooo!! She was oblivious to the ringing of her phone, all she could think of was the information she just got. Prisca brought the glass of water and forced Pat to drink it. After she took a few sips, her temperature reduced. She suddenly noticed the ringing of the phone which was adding to her headache. She took it to hand up but froze when she saw the number.

She picked the phone with a low ‘hello’. She only heard three words when she jumped from her seat. “What?”


Michael wore a plain white Tee Shirt. It felt good to be home even though he was not exactly in his home. He had purposely rented a place to stay during this period where he wanted to operate in hiding. There was a certain wee pleasure he derived when people saw his acts even without seeing him. He knew that someone would have checked his house and he did not want to be slack in his operations. Marcel was a serious threat to his inheritance and he wanted him as far away as possible. He couldn’t kill his brother; killing his twin was beyond him but he knew he could make sure he was not in a position to touch his possessions. He had given Marcel a chance to smell life as Michael Coker, given him enough time to see what could have been his but Michael was not willing to let him have the life. Life where he could beckon at money even when he was asleep and it could come running. A life where everything and everyone, including women were at his disposal. He could have a threesome or tensome with any colour, shape and size or women; whatever appealed to him was granted because money answereth all things.

Michael finished dressing and checked himself in the standing mirror. He was not expecting anything less than the best so when he was sure that everything was in place, he left the house for a very important part of his plan.

After driving for some minutes, he finally arrived at Alexander Branson’s house. He wondered what sort of reception he would receive. Michael had been told by his informant that Alexa would be home by herself at this time of the day. He parked outside and proceeded through the flowers to the front door of the house. He raised his fist and pounded softly on the door, not sighting the door bell. He knocked again and waited. Instantly, the door was jerked open in front of him. The lady he knew to be the maid of the house stood in front of him with a deep frown on her face. However, when she saw who was at the door, her face eased into a relaxed welcoming smile and she soon started jittering with her fingers like a shy damsel in front of her prince charming.

“Hello Mr Coker” she murmured in a low tone that Michael almost snorted but he smiled flirtatiously instead.

“Hello there beautiful, you really are looking radiant today” he said with a broad smile.

Her eyes bulged. “Really?” She gasped out. He grinned but the girl was jolted back to her senses when she heard Alexa’s firm voice. “Who is at the door?”

Michael pushed inside with full confidence. He hadn’t taken five steps when he saw Alexa who was also coming towards the door. Alexa saw him and paused slightly, then stopped altogether. Michael took a cue and also stopped walking. He was smiling softly. “What are you doing here Marcel?” She asked steadily and her voice made Michael smile. Alexa was about to say something else when she completely froze. She looked at the stance of the man before her and her frown deepened. She had been with Marc for sometime even though it was all a lie. She had been with Marcel longer than she had even known the real Michael, even if the relationship was always cold and one-sided but she was inclined to say that she really knew him; or at least his outward appearance. The man standing before her was of the same body build and size of the Marcel she knew but he was standing differently from the way Marcel stands. The man before her was resting mainly on one leg, while the other leg was bent in a waiting manner. He was smiling far much more than Marcel was used to. Marcel always had an unreadable and unpredictable look on his face and his smile was a flash once in a while. The Marcel she had wrongly dated for more than a year would be standing and resting on his two legs comfortably and would absolutely have his hands deep in his pockets like the arrogant man that he was. This person standing here looked very much like……

Her eyes flew up. “Michael?”

Michael’s grin spread across his face. “You have quite a gift Alexy, considering I almost didn’t identify myself when I met my Marcel” Michael said.

Their voices were both deep but Alexa noted vaguely that Marcel’s voice wasn’t nearly as deep as Michael’s voice. Michael had a slightly deeper voice but a less strong accent. Considering the fact that Marcel had been abroad nearly all his life as she had been led to assume, she could clearly see how that was possible. Apart from that, there was virtually no major difference between the two. She thought.

“What… What are you doing here Michael?” As she pronounced his name, all the anger she had felt ever since she heard of what was done blossomed. She wondered how he got the effrontery to stand before her with a stupid smile on his face. When did he even get back?

“I am here to see you sweetheart, that is the first thing I wanted to do when I arrived. I see you have met Marcel?” He stated, moving forward a bit, towards her.

She moved backwards. “You must be mad or think I am really daft. What sort of insane question is that? Of course I have met Marcel, is that not your plan all along, you snake?”

He frowned deeply. “What are you talking about? Of course I wanted you to meet him, I sent him to you to explain my health conditions. I was on the verge of death and had to hastily travel abroad. By sheer luck of nature I met my twin which I had been searching for all my life and I begged him to come over here to explain my health conditions to you. Why are you making it seem like it was more than that?”

Alexa looked at him like he had grown ten heads. “You are the virile human being I have ever met.” She groaned in disgust. “How can you look me straight in the eye and lie? Aaaaahhhh!!! You disgust me”

“Why would I lie? What would I gain from lying? I am merely telling you the truth. Frankly, I am surprised that you don’t believe me” he looked hurt. “Christ! Now I know that I really made a big mistake trusting Marcel. I shouldn’t have been so stupid” he paced slowly. “First he impersonated me and worst of all, he took my woman”

Alexa was more confused than she had ever been.

“I can’t believe this. Never mind, I would prove my innocence to you. I swear it.” With that, he turned and floated out of the house. Alexa swallowed in confusion. She really needed to see Patricia now because it seemed like the drama was not ending, on the contrary, it seemed to be just starting.


“My God, Marc, I told you to leave the country. What are you still doing here?” Pat asked immediately she sat opposite Marcel in police custody.

“I am not a coward, and I don’t intend to turn into one. I would face Michael headlong no matter what it takes.” Marcel argued, looking too relaxed.

Pat almost hissed. “Do you see where your arrogance has brought you? Behind bars. And with the accusation levelled against you which is more or less true, I don’t see how you would get out of this unscathed”. Frustration rippled through Pat. If people did what she said, she would have less problems. She had her own problems but she couldn’t leave a man she loved in this kind of predicament, even if he loved someone else.

“I know I am guilty. I was stupid and I should take responsibility for my actions even though I meant well but what I want is this: I want Michael to pay for what he is doing.” Marcel stated seriously. “My lawyer is working on bail so I should be out of here soon, temporarily, that is”

“I would see what I can do to speed up the bail, as for Michael, leave him to me.” Pat said.

“Thanks” Marcel said. Pat placed her hands unconsciously on her temples and Marcel noticed this, apart from that, she looked drained. “Are you alright?” He asked.

Her eyes flew to his. “Yes. Yes, I am OK.”

“You aren’t. You look drained and stressed. Maybe you should go and rest at home, I never should have called you” Marc said with concern that touched Pat deeply.

“I would have hated you if you didn’t call.” She smiled but her phone instantly interrupted her. She picked up. “Hey cousin” she murmured to Alexa over the phone but her tease dried instantly. ” Michael was there?” Marc sat up instantly. “OK, I am coming over” she said and hung up. Pat looked at Marcel. “Let’s see what new surprise he has for us this time”


“I have news Felicia” Sophia said immediately Felicia opened the door to her apartment.

“It must be urgent if you can’t wait to sit before talking. What is going on?” She asked as they proceeded to the sitting room.

“Marcel has been arrested”

“What?” Felicia gasped.

“He was arrested for impersonation and I suspect Michael is responsible”. Sophia said, sitting.

“That bastard” Felicia groaned, sitting. “We need a plan. A very good one” she murmured, her brain rolling.


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