I woke up this morning feeling indifferent. I was neither happy nor sad but after few minutes, the latter seemed more prominent. I looked up and down, seeking something to cheer me up but nothing came. I remembered that I needed to post ‘Article of the Week’ but my pen was static with nothing to write; then I decided to go on Facebook. Going on net increased my sadness because the first thing that caught my sight was the sorrowful status posted by a Facebook friend. The news I heard last night came flashing back instantly.
When we go out on a daily basis and we come back in, we see nothing abnormal in this; when we sleep and wake the next day, we count it as a normal occurrence. When we go to eateries and parties and eat to our satisfaction, we savor the taste, not knowing if poison is part of the ingredients. Today, my heart weeps for the OOU students who lost their lives this past week. As you read this article, some people are dying, some are mourning, some are weeping…
The song I have been listening to for over two weeks now, has made sense to me perfectly. Many of us go round, complaining about what God has not done, forgetting what he has done. If God does not do anything for you again, would you still praise him for what he had done before? You complain that you have not got admission; many people were admitted but could not finish. You complain that you don’t have a job, but you forget to thank God for the air you breathe. No matter what it is that you feel is not done in your life, none of it is as important as the air you breathe. As long as there is life, there is hope. As I read the reports on the accident on Google, I thought of the four years I spent in school, going and coming back. It is not by our bravery that we are alive, it is God’s grace. I am sure many of you are at work now, working and expecting the month to end in a hurry so that your accounts can be fuller. Some of you are at home, forwarding your resumes to companies, hoping to start something soon. Some of you are also at school, hoping to reach one height or the other. We all have hopes and dreams but what do we do when our hopes are not met? When that company that promised to call after the interview refused to call… when that man that you’ve been with suddenly dumps you… when that article you spent hours writing does not get one encouraging comment… when you go for medical checkup and receive a terrifying news… what do you do?
I can’t imagine what it is like for the family and friends of those who lost their lives, only God can be their comfort. My message for you this week is that you count your blessings. Live your life thanking God for what he has done, for what you hope he would do and also for the things he did not do. Only an appreciative heart gets God’s attention.
RIP to the deceased OOU students who lost their lives and a BIG congrats to the only survivor.

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