I opened my eyes after a long night of sleep and stretched lazily on the bed. Hunger was the first thing that registered in my medulla – there is a rumble in my tommy going boom bada boom bada boom bada… lol.

I dragged my legs out of the bed, made for the kitchen to cook a fast noodle but hit my leg on the door. I winced as the pain registered and limped to the kitchen with increased problem – leg pain and hunger.

I put water in my noodle pot, placed it on the gas cooker and started washing the plates from last night. In no time, the water was dancing in the pot and i rushed there already envisaging the noodles filling my empty tommy. I took the noodles, cut it and dropped it in the pot. The water bounced as the noodles entered and spilled on my hand. I screamed in pain and started asking God why all these things were happening, then it occurred to me; I have not greeted my heavenly father today. I felt guilty, put off the gas and went to the room to do the needful.

Av u said good day 2 God today?

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