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Alexander mopped her eyes and blew her nose on the hankie that Anita thrust into her palm which she gratefully took. No sooner had she mopped the tears than fresh tears replaced them. She was happy that the cafeteria was not so filled, giving a small level of privacy.
“Do you mind sharing what is eating you up?” Anita offered quietly after Alexa had regained her composure.
Alexa sniffed several times and looked at Anita squarely. “Why are you being nice to me?” she asked. “I thought you hated me… at least, I expected you to”
Anita smiled. “I did when I knew who you were to him at first. I would definitely be jealous if I were in your shoes. Michael is the dream of any woman with a vagina. He is so sexy with all the muscles in the right places; perfect places actually” she corrected. “He is handsome, elegant, rakish…” Anita’s face turned dreamy. Alexa frowned as she stared at Anita who had turned quiet and thoughtful.
Alexa grabbed the steaming cup of coffee to keep her fingers from strangling Anita for visualizing her Michael so much. Or he was her Michael. She sipped and the hot liquid almost burnt her tongue. “You sound like you have a crush on him; besides, you are a woman with a vagina”
Anita avoided meeting Alexa’s stern gaze. “I did and still do”. Alexa’s eyes shut up at the confirmation. So she had been right all along! “But I knew better than to nurture that feeling” Anita finished.
“What does that mean?”
“You found out right? That is why you are so upset.” Anita said knowingly and Alexa froze slightly, knowing that the images of Michael’s Facebook was as public and open as a whore’s legs.
“Upset doesn’t cover it, try alarmed, even that seems shallow to what I feel currently.” Alexa said in one breath, and then later frowned. “Why do I have the distinct feeling that you knew earlier?”
“I did” Anita said simply.
Alexa sat up straight. “You did? So you knew all along that he was…” she glanced around and lowered her voice. “You knew that he was gay and you did not breathe a word of it to me?” she was alarmed. So this woman knew she was sinking into a stinking narrow pit and enjoyed watching the show?
“You wouldn’t have believed me. Who would have believed such an unbelievable truth? It still sounds ridiculous currently even with all the proof. Besides, you might have poured it all out at Michael’s feet and the job I struggled hard to get would be over” Anita lamented.
Alexa knew Anita was saying the truth. “How did you know?”
“I saw the way he occasionally checked out men that came into his office whenever I was there. He looks at them, and I mean, really checks them out. At first I did not think much of it but after noticing it for a while; I discovered the awkward and degrading fact. He is with you now but I am sure he would rather be with one of his male friends”.
That stung and Alexa drank from her cup to drive away the sting of the foul words but it was replaced by the sting of a burnt tongue as the exceedingly hot coffee hit her mouth. She swallowed hard and dropped the cup. “he ‘was’ with me. I dumped his sorry ass” she said sternly and wished the words did not hurt so much. Life without Michael would be really hard.
“That is a right move” Anita nodded with vigor. “The relationship is already headed for the rocks, so, the earlier you get off the speeding boat, the better. At least, you don’t have a baby to deal with”
Alexa almost choked on the hot coffee she had picked up again. She paled as Anita’s words registered.
Anita frowned. “Or is there?”
“No… No, of course not. I was imagining what an awful thing it would… erm… have been” Alexa said firmly.
Anita sighed. “Thank God. It would not have been awful; it would have been a disaster. ‘Pregnant for a gay’… Ewww” she sighed again. “I just wonder what would happen to ‘Tel Communications’ now that Michael has decided to make this stupidity public. Pardon my language, he might be my boss but I hate gay guys” she glanced around to be sure no staff had heard her. Alexa managed a fake smile. Anita suddenly grabbed Alexa’s hands. “It is going to be fine. I know you love him but you would get over him. I am here for you” she smiled. “I think we would be good friends”
Alexa smiled faintly, “I think so too”

Belina had called Alexa several times all to no avail until finally, Alexander’s message popped up. She read it and instantly relayed the message to a very worried Richard. He sighed and also tried to call Alexander again but it did not go through. He finally gave up and went inside the room to get his jacket.
Belina followed him and helped him into his suit jacket. “That girl would be the death of me”, Richard said in exasperation as Belina ran her palms down his chest, he smiled again. “Why can’t she be like me?’” he asked with a forceful frown; “she took her stubbornness and unpredictability from you”.
Belina frowned and folded her arms across her chest.
“But I won’t trade either of you for all the meek and predictable women in the world”, Richard quickly rectified but Belina still didn’t smile.
“When she is sweet, you claim her but when she upsets you, you push the bad habit on me right?” Belina murmured.
“Oh heart, I was just pulling a stunt, besides, you are stubborn”. He pulled her against him even though she struggled.
“Well, you can’t change me now, can you?”
“Oh, honey, I can’t even think of changing you, where would I find the woman I fell in love with if I change you?”
Belina smiled, “you are stuck with us then, two stubborn women; just as I am stuck with overbearing men”.
Richard frowned and Belina stuck out her tongue at him. She quickly jumped out of his front before he conceived a very tempting punishment. “You have patients waiting for you Mr. Branson”.
The door bell rang and Belina was a bit surprised. She was not expecting anyone. If it were Alexa, she wouldn’t press the bell. Richard was a bit curious but he picked up some things so that they could both check the visitors. They didn’t have to get there though.
“Mummy B”
Belina’s eyes widened as she heard that. Only one person called her that. Richard grinned as he dropped some files and hurried out.
“Pat” Belina gasped as she rushed outside.
Immediately she saw her niece, she beamed in delight. Patricia squealed as she hurried to Belina.
“Oh my love”, Belina wrapped her arms around her niece. “My God, you have grown so big”, she exclaimed.
Prisca and Tony grinned as they watched their daughter move from Belina to Richard. “We decided to surprise you. She came back about an hour ago but would not rest until she saw you”. Tony explained.
“She sure looks like the star that she is” Richard said with pride, even though he was not her biological father.
“I have missed you mummy and daddy B” Pat said grinning.
“Turn around Pat, let me see you” Belina said and Patricia jumped around like a little kid. She always felt like a little girl around Belina and the ever pampering Richard Branson. Everyone laughed at her childish displays.
“Where is that naughty girl” Pat asked impatiently. She couldn’t wait to see her cousin.
“Oh, Alexa should be home soon, she rushed off to do some things”. Belina said, still doubting the message she had received from Alexander. Whatever the truth was, Belina had a feeling that she would not like it at all.

Alexa left the very enclosed pharmacy shop and stood on the road waiting for a cab. She had nearly made her discomfort obvious as she hurriedly tried to end her conversation with Anita. The mention of pregnancy had almost choked the life out of her as Alexa hadn’t even considered the possibility. The thought of being pregnant had slapped her and nearly driven her crazy as she sought a small and hidden pharmacy to buy the pregnancy test sticks. After buying two, she had left the place with her life sentence carefully sitting in her bag. Now that she thought of it, she could not remember seeing her period since she had slept with Michael.
‘Oh God’ Alexa blanched as she stood poised by the road side. This was a total disaster! Several cabs passed her by but she saw none as her pale form stood motionless as she stared at her shattered life. She thought of the disgrace, the disappointments her parents would have in her, the shame that would be accrued to the family…
No! it can’t be happening. One man could not destroy her life so much. She just could not be pregnant. She flagged down a cab immediately she saw one and pushed her frozen form into it.
“Richbel Estate” she managed to say and the cab driver swung into the road. Her brain was in turmoil all through the drive and the driver had to tap her to tell her that they were already at the entrance of the estate. She needed to walk so she asked him not to enter. She paid him and made her way into the estate. She unconsciously moved her mouth to greet the security men as she walked like a robot into the estate. All she prayed for was that her dad had gone to the hospital and that her mum had already gone to her supermarket store. She did not want any lectures now; all she needed was some heavenly silence and a warm bed. As she drew near the entrance, she acknowledged that wished were not horses. The voices of her parents echoed, combined with the distinctive voices of Aunt Prisca and Uncle Tony, as she always called them. When Alexander heard a voice, she froze with a frown. It can’t be. She instantly opened the door and her eyes widened.
Patricia raised her eyes and shrieked, jumped up and ran to her cousin. Even though Patricia was three years older than Alexander, no one could notice because they both were inseparable. Patricia ran and enfolded a frozen and wide-eyed Alexa in a tight hug.

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