OK, so, I had wondered when I would finally broach the subject of ‘sagging’ which has taken over the world like the invasion of Sauron’s army in ‘Lord of the Rings’. Hardly can I walk the length of a street without sighting someone who fancies the inappropriate outlook of a convict.
It is no longer news that sagging originated from prisoners who weren’t allowed to use belts because of its use in committing suicide. Their trousers tend to sag, especially when they lose some weight due to much stress or dehydration. What remains a mystery though is why people seem to have fallen in love with this look of absolute indecency. I secretly wonder if men assume themselves to be more appealing when they have their butts or underwear in full display.
Hmmm… the funny thing is that the people who are mostly crazy about sagging are people who are not very buoyant. Rich and well-to-do people tend to be more reasonable and descent. Strangely, some ladies also sag!!! Well, to you guys who think sagging makes you look like a big boy or girl, here is a word for you: Since you have decided to take on the lifestyle of prisoners, why not copy them fully by doing away with the belts? Belts are meant to hold your trousers to your waist and not your hips. And while brandishing your hip-length trousers, why waste time and energy to pull up the trousers when it drags down? You ought to leave it to fall to your feet. Also, I am sure that ladies would agree with me that we hate to destroy our healthily beautiful eyes by looking at your dirty boxers and briefs which are filled with bacteria. So, if you must keep up with the prison fashion, make sure your indescribables are sparkling white like the clothes in Hypo adverts, so that the brightness would at least gain our attention. But honeys, if you find it hard to do these and you want to catch the attention of that stunningly decent babe, please keep those trousers at the waistline. To whom it may concern, I don’t mean to be mean, but hey, sagging is a trending abnormally.

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