That Lonely Feeling…


Have you ever been so lonely
That there is no one to talk to
Have you ever been rejected
That you felt dejected

Have you ever been sick in the body
Afflictions up and down
Have you ever felt like nobody
Even when you are wearing an expensive gown

Have you ever cried your eyes out
Without even having your face wet
Have you ever prayed day and night
Without having your needs met

Have you ever felt so betrayed
That you trust no one anymore
Have you ever called out to be saved
But saw help from no one

Have you ever lived under constant fear
Not knowing what the next minute brings
Have you ever felt success being so near
Yet, failure is what you see that sings

Have you ever been called a failure
By your friends, loved ones and family
Have you ever experienced serious peer pressure
To make you feel confused about your own sanity

Have you ever felt less of yourself
Thinking of yourself as worthless
Have you ever watched the one person you love walk away
Leaving you feeling helpless

Have you ever been tossed out in the cold
Left to wander alone in the dark
Have you ever felt so thin and old
With your eyes sad and without a spark


Precious woke up from a night of sleep, or perhaps, a night of thoughts. She hadn’t been able to sleep for up to an hour; she had spent the whole night in deep thoughts. She rose up sluggishly from the bed, feeling so bad. Her head was on the verge of splitting in two, due to the vigorous banging she was feeling in her head. She absently wondered if there was a carpentry shop in her head. She glanced at the mirror and saw dark circle bags beneath her eyes.

She picked up her diary and went through the things she jotted down yesterday night… midnight actually. She sighed. who would have thought that all those happened to just one person? She picked up a pen and wrote down. She had already arrived at a conclusion last night.

‘Have you ever wished for death
And all you find is life’

Well, no more wishing

She rose up. ‘Today, i put an end to this miserable life’.

She went out in her nightwear, walking on her street towards the lonely path. She had seen a well there once and she planned on using it for her mission. Life is not worth living; or so she thought.

She sat on the well, thinking about heaven, or hell? Where would she enter once she dives into the well? She wondered. She decided even hell is better than being in the world. She closed her eyes.

“Hey beautiful”, she heard and her eyes immediately sprang open. She saw a girl bouncing towards her. “It is a lovely day, right? yes, it is. Seeing a lady as beautiful as you so early in the morning definitely makes today perfect”
She stared at the girl. “Are you a lesbian?”
She girl roared in laughter. “Of course not. I just like to appreciate people. Life is beautiful, along with everything in it. you would be on top of that enormous list though, with me being right behind you”
Precious felt her cheeks flame. She looked at the girl. “Don’t you have problems?”
The girl smiled. “Everyone does. we all have our challenges. Take me for example, I never knew my parents, I ended up being a house help. I don’t have fancy things, I am being maltreated. To top it all up, I am a sickle-cell carrier. It is surprising that i am full of life, right? I have learnt to enjoy life while i can. Whether we like it or not, good things happen to us. No matter how many bad things we experience, there are some good things also. I dwell on the good and leave the bad”
Precious looked at her as tears welled up in her eyes. “I am sorry”
The girl smiled. “Don’t feel sorry for me, I am not feeling sorry for myself. I love my life. The key is to enjoy every minute and dispose your bad experiences. You can’t do it alone though, you need God in order to achieve that. I know you must be going through a hard time, but you have to know that you are precious. The main reason why I am talking to you is because I feel you are precious.” she sighed. “Imagine my manners, i am Loveth, you are?”
She blinked. “I am Precious”
Loveth gasped. “You aren’t” “I am a genius. I must have dreamt of you today. wooow. ”
Precious smiled. Today is not my death day, she concluded. If there hadn’t been a reason to stay alive, she had just seen many reasons.

She stood up from the well and hugged Loveth, who squealed in response.
“Now, i think you are a lesbian”, Loveth said and they both laughed.


Never underestimate what a little kind word can do, it can make the difference in the life of a man. To everyone feeling dismayed and perplexed, don’t give up. Love life, enjoy it while you can, no amount of suffering can be compared to hell. Remember: you are beautiful, special, unique, precious, and the apple of God’s eye.


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