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“Oh no!” Alexa gasped in complete horror. She enlarged the picture to be sure she was not mistaking someone else for Michael, but it could not be denied. It was truly Michael. She refreshed the site over and over again but nothing changed. She just stared in complete mortification as her world shattered around her. Of all the things that Michael could be, who could imagine that he was gay. Damn! He did not even look it, neither did he act it. Michael had too many ladies swarming all over him, due to his irresistible outlook that Alexa had felt honoured and lucky that of all the women, she had caught his fancy. And to think that she thought he was sleeping with that Anita in his office! Alexa started pacing her room. Well, of course he hadn’t been sleeping with Anita or other women, Alexander thought bitterly. The only woman that Michael had been able to sleep with was his dumb virgin girlfriend, who was dumb enough to surrender her virginity on a platter of gold to a gay. Tears had sprung to her eyes unknowingly as she stared with rounded eyeballs at pictures of her man which was in public view. If only she knew that he was not looking at women but instead, was stuck with the ass of his fellow men, she would not have sacrificed the most precious thing in her life.
That day had been the most magical day in her life because, never had she imagined that she could feel what she felt in Michael’s arms. Even then with her lack of experience, she was perfectly aware of how hard Michael fought for control. He had been exceedingly gentle, being her first time but he had to do that with a lot of restraint which made Alexander to respect him more. After the act, he had asked her countlessly if she was alright or hurt. But here, Alexander watched in stupefied horror as the most amazing day of her life turned to her worst nightmare. And it was all her fault! He had argued with her that day, almost refused to make love to her but she had stupidly behaved like a stupid slut, stripping before him until he had no choice but to give in. If only she had followed the footsteps of her mum… Michael had said that he was with his friends, the last time she called him; were they also gay? She wondered. And to think that she had liked them instantly…
She never heard the slow approach of footsteps which approached her door but the knock that followed was exceptionally loud. Richard called out her name immediately after the knock as he waited.
Alexa tried to swallow her panic. “Yes dad” she answered far too loudly and shakily.
There was a slight pause. “Can I come in?” he asked.
“Um… Dad, I am not dressed yet” she lied. “I was busy doing some things. I would put on something and erm… come to the sitting room” she rushed.
There was another pause. Alexander wished that her dad didn’t know her so well. “Ok. I am waiting” he said and she heard his retreat.
“SHIT!” she swore.

Felicia took out her hair bond and held up her light brown hair, letting the tresses fall freely in a tail. Felicia was one of those people who had narrowly escaped the albino state. She did not look the way she looked about five years ago due to the surgery she had been forced to go through but she was still pale. Her skin was very fair and pale, almost red under the sun and her light brown hair complemented her skin perfectly. She was more of a conventional beauty queen which was not commonly seen on a daily basis in Nigeria. Although she was obviously not an albino, Felicia was happy with her pale skin, or she was before she went under the knives. Her lips were slightly darker though, due to cigarettes which she had become accustomed to over the years.
Felicia was dressed in a V-necked multicolored top which left just a hint of cleavage. It hugged her figure perfectly and was matched with a white short which was just half way through her laps. Her feet were graced by high heeled boots, giving her a sexy and also a rugged look.
When Felicia was done dressing, she walked back into the sitting room and picked up her leftover glass of wine from the center table. After filling her mouth with the chilled wine, she picked up her phone and pressed 5 on her keypad panel. After checking the time to confirm if it was actually 2 o’clock, she put the phone against her ear. Immediately the phone was picked, she wasted no time with pleasantries. “Is everyone seated?” she asked instantly. She nodded satisfactorily when she got her response. “Ok, I am on my way”.
She hung up, took one final drink from her cup and set it back on the table. She stretched out two slim manicured fingers and picked up her car keys from the table. After shaking the keys playfully in her hand, she straightened her top and walked out of the house slowly.

Patricia sat in the waiting room at the airport waiting for her mum to arrive. It felt good to be home. She had been in Canada for way too long and she had actually started wondering what Nigeria would look like when she got back. Thinking about it, Three years was not an awfully long time to be away from one’s country but considering all that had happened within the space of three years, it sure felt like an eternity.
Living in Canada hadn’t been as sonorous as Patricia first thought it would be. Of course, she had travelled out of Nigeria on countless occasions, with and without her parents but when she had been asked by her company to be part of those starting the new branch at Canada, she had been too happy to oblige. Tellers had grown to become one of the largest selling newspaper in Nigeria. Not only were they using the normal newspaper, but they also used the internet for those who had come to see newspaper as old-fashioned. What made Tellers the most sought after paper was the mere fact that they always carried juicy gossips about people – celebrities. Several journalists worked for Tellers but Patricia had come to earn her place as a very important part of Tellers. Her exceptional ability to bring news and gossips about famous people, coupled with the fact that most of her suspicions ended up being true had been what made the company to choose her to go Canada in order to give the branch a grand start. The last three years had been phenomenal but she had asked for a transfer back to Nigeria. Patricia had become attached to her job that she practically lived and breathed it. It was her passion.
Patricia’s head jerked to the side as she heard the familiar voice. Her eyes took in her mum and she was out of her seat instantly. Prisca looked just as stunning as she was over three years ago. Her dad had undoubtedly been taking good care of his dearest wife. “Mum” she yelled and ran into her mum’s waiting hands. “Oh mum”
“Pat baby” Prisca sounded shaken. “I have missed you terribly” Prisca pulled her daughter back to inspect her. “Oh my God! You have changed a lot” she gasped out. “You are taller than me now”
Patricia laughed. “Oh mum, you have not changed a bit, in fact, you are more beautiful. What has daddy been giving to you that you refused to age, uhn?”
Prisca laughed. “The same thing he has been giving me for more than twenty six years”.
A fake cough separated the two gleeful women and Patricia gasped when she saw her dad. Handsome as ever, Tony’s eyes widened as he stared at the woman who had rocked Canada, who just happened to be his beloved daughter.
“Dad” Prisca walked hurriedly into her father’s arms. Being in her father’s arms felt exceedingly good, and Patricia was instantly filled with immense joy. If there was one man she could always respect, it was her father. The saying that birds of a feather flock was not just a mild saying, Patricia noted, thinking of Mr Richard and his wife who happened to be her aunt.
“Oh princess” Tony murmured. “Is this my dearest journalist?”
Pat grinned and squared her shoulders. “That’s your daughter dad”
They stayed there talking endlessly until Tony decided that they should start heading home. She asked of her baby sister, Tina as they walked off, lamenting on how much she had missed her.
Felicia arrived at Elites Hotel and she took her time to pack well and alight without any sense of urgency. After she had securely closed the door, she checked her reflection in the car and smiled internally as she walked away from the car. When she was about entering the hotel, she pressed the botton on her key and the car gave a resounding beep. She had everyone’s attention as she walked into the hotel but she did not seem to notice as she carried an air of indifference. She saw the receptionist quickly shuffle through her drawer as she drew near and immediately Felicia got to the desk, a key was passed to her. The receptionist smiled expectantly and Felicia pulled out some Naira notes and placed them before the lady with a smile. She was full of thanks as she watched Felicia walk away without a word.
Felicia got to the door qith the key number on it and inserted the key into the keyhole. With a small twist, the door fell open and she instantly entered into a conference-like setting. A long table extended with ten chairs; one at each head and four on either sides. She saw five men in the room already seated and a lady walked about. They had been arguing when she entered, all having an expected look of confusion on their faces. The lady quickly walked up to her.
“You are welcome my lady, they are all confused and angry. It has been hard holding them back” Stella confided.
Felicia nodded and walked towards the head of the table, effectively drawing a tense silence. Only the clicks of her heels shattered the deafening silence but she seemed far too comfortable to notice the strain in the room. After she was seated, she crossed her legs before her and picked up the glass of wine which Stella had hurriedly filled for her. Everyone’s attention was diverted to her smooth legs as she took a long sip from her drink. She dropped the cup on the table and relaxed her back fully on the backrest of the chair. She rested her arms on the armrests of the chair and linked her fingers.
“I am sure you are all confused as to why you are here” she spoke for the first time, destroying the vague thought in the minds of some of them who were thinking that she was dumb. “You are all shareholders in Tel Communications” she stated matter-of-factly. After the silence had fully gone deep, she continued. “I have noticed a sharp downslide in the productivity and patronage of the powerful network and I am here to make a proposition”. The men looked at one another with more confusion displayed on their faces and she waited for a question to be thrown at her. She had thought of every possible question and had ready answers to all. No one catches Felicia unawares.

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